Recruiting Licensed Practical Nurses For Patient Care

Licensed practical nurses (LPN), or licensed vocational nurses (LVN) are a crucial piece of any healthcare facility as they provide patient care and fill a variety of supportive roles. Although becoming an LPN is part of the journey to becoming an RN, for many individuals, the LPN role is a very satisfying and fulfilling role on its own. Working with your Arizona medical recruiting agency can help your healthcare organization recruit the LPNs your facility needs to provide excellent patient care.

icensed Practical Nurses in AZ

What Does An LPN Do?

LPNs fulfill a variety of roles within a medical center. Their basic job is to provide hands-on care for patients and residents. They work alongside and under RNs, physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants while fulfilling care plans for patients. They have a smaller scope of practice than RNs.

What Duties Does An LPN Fill?

LPNs from your Gilbert nurse recruiting agency will have the training, expertise, knowledge, and skills to fulfill many duties at your medical center. Generally speaking, LPNs provide patient care and administrative tasks, which often include:

  • Taking vital signs and monitoring patient health or condition
  • Administering or monitoring medications
  • Inserting catheters
  • Changing wound dressings
  • Taking patient histories and other intake procedures
  • Documentation
  • Assisting other providers with tests and procedures
  • Providing personal care to patients and residents, such as assisting with bathing, toileting, dressing, and feeding
  • Consulting with RNs and other providers on care plans

The exact duties of an LPN will vary by state, employer, and type of facility, but as a medical center, you can anticipate LPNs to provide outstanding direct patient care. This means LPNs have the crucial role of being one of the faces of your healthcare organization as they interact frequently and directly with patients. You can work with Chandler healthcare staffing to recruit LPNs who are experienced, skilled, and have excellent bedside manner.

What Types Of Facilities Hire LPNs?

Although many people associate nurses with hospitals, LPNs work in many different healthcare settings:

  • Hospitals: LPNs often work in hospitals alongside RNs across all fields and departments. Their job is to support RN duties and supervise nursing assistants.
  • Nursing homes: A large percentage of LPNs work in nursing care facilities, where they are responsible for daily care of residents. This includes monitoring and administering medications, assisting residents with personal hygiene, assisting with feeding and mealtimes, and monitoring general health.
  • Home health care: LPNs often work in home health settings underneath a physician or RN, providing bedside care to patients who are sick, injured, disabled, or at the end of life. Their responsibilities will include monitoring vital signs, charting, administering medications and injections, and dressing wounds.
  • Clinics: LPNs are frequently employed in doctor’s offices and outpatient clinics, where their duties range from taking vital signs to giving vaccinations to assisting with procedures.
  • Rehabilitation centers: Working alongside other providers to provide therapeutic care for individuals who are recovering from addiction, trauma, illness, and injuries, LPNs are valuable assets to many rehabilitation centers.
  • Military: Joining the military provides a fast-paced and exciting experience as LPNs provide care for those on the battlefield.
  • Correctional facilities: LPNs who want a change of pace from the usual healthcare settings may enjoy working in a correctional facility. In these settings, LPNs must understand the sociological and psychological aspects of incarcerated patients as they provide both routine and emergency care alongside physicians and RNs.
  • Travel: As with RNs, there is ample opportunity for LPNs who want to travel and take short-term jobs in different facilities. LPN duties in these settings will depend on the type of facility and department.

Why Hire LPNs For Your Healthcare Organization

You may be wondering whether it’s worthwhile for your organization to hire LPNs, and the answer is yes! Because it takes less time and money to become an LPN than it does to become an RN, LPN positions are appealing to many individuals. Other healthcare workers are attracted to the LPN position because their direct care duties enable them to build strong, lasting relationships with their patients. Your Queen Creek nurse recruiting agency is ready to help you find the ideal candidates to fill a variety of roles at your medical center, regardless of your size or specialty. You’ll find that LPNs are valuable members of any healthcare team as they provide direct, hands-on patient care and support for other healthcare professionals at your facility.

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