GSA Medical Staffing Contract

Contracted Employer With The GSA

Professional & Allied Healthcare Staffing Services

Contract Number: 36F79721D0072

On January 15, 2021, One Stop Recruiting LLC entered into a contract with the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide healthcare staffing services to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the DOD, IHS, and other Government agencies.

What Is The GSA?

GSA is a service agency that provides central procurement to the federal government. They are partnering with companies such as One Stop Recruiting to build and acquire products, office space and other workspace services to provide cost-effective, high-quality products and services to federal entities.

GSA Advantage

Special Item Numbers (SIN) And Positions

621-001 Physician – Urgent Care

621-001 Physician – General and Family Practice

621-003 Physician – Internal Medicine

621-003 Physician – Hospitalist

621-007 Physician – Cardiologist (General)

621-014 Physician – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

621-025 Registered Nurse – Specialty (OR, PACU, Telemetry)

621-025 Registered Nurse – General (Med Surge, Psychiatric)

621-030 Physician Assistant

621-038 LP/VN

621-039 Medical Assistant (Certified, Registered)

621-040 Nurse Assistant (Certified, Registered)

621-046 Laboratory – Phlebotomist

621-046 Laboratory – Clinical Laboratory Technician (Certified, Associates Degree)

621-046 Laboratory – Histotechnicians

621-050 Radiography – Cardiovascular Technologist (Echo, Cath Lab, Interventional)

621-050 Radiography – Computer Tomography (CT) Technologist

621-050 Radiography – Ultrasound, Sonography, Vascular Technologist

621-053 Anesthetist – Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

621-054 Nurse Practitioner

One Stop Recruiting Can Help

If you are with a Government Agency and are in need of a GSA contracted Medical Staffing Agency to help you find Physician, Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner, Nursing (RN, LP/VN, CNA), or Allied Healthcare professionals, please contact us.

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