What to Look For In a Medical Staffing Agency

With the many challenges facing healthcare practices today, a growing number of healthcare administrators are turning to medical staffing agencies for assistance with recruitment and personnel retention. But not all medical staffing agencies are the same. With a great agency, you’ll receive outstanding results; working with an underqualified agency will cost your facility money and time without results. So how do you know which Arizona medical staffing agency is right for you?

This list of business qualities can help you know what to look for as you choose a medical recruiting agency to support your facility. The best healthcare staffing agencies will provide the following services and benefits to you:

Medical Staffing Agency in AZ

Understands Your Business Culture

Your Queen Creek RN staffing agency will take the time and effort to understand the culture of your business environment. This is crucial for success. The ideal candidate is not only a qualified provider with excellent bedside manner and expertise, but someone who will be a good fit with your existing staff and working environment. Hiring a provider for your facility who is the wrong fit and will quickly need to be replaced is a waste of time and money for your facility and will lead to frustration among your other employees. A quality healthcare recruiting agency won’t waste your time with bad placements because they have a solid understanding of what type of candidate your facility needs.

Provides Guidance Each Step Of the Way

You’ll want to work with a medical staffing agency who will guide you step by step through the entire process of recruiting, hiring, and retaining. Ask your Gilbert nurse recruiting agency about their process from start to finish so that you fully understand how their agency works, from recruitment procedures to potential candidate screening and interviewing to compensation negotiation, making the final offer, and onboarding. An expert healthcare recruitment agency can take the overwhelm and confusion out of recruiting an experienced medical care provider for the benefit of your facility.

Looks Out For Your Long-Term Interests

Even if you are mainly seeking to recruit short-term or locum tenens providers, a quality healthcare staffing agency will continually focus on your facility’s long-term interests, needs, and goals. They should supply you with temporary candidates who have full time potential for your facility because transitioning a locum tenens employee into a long-term provider cuts costs and provides benefits for your facility, the employee, and your patients in the long run. Don’t waste your time and resources chasing short term employees from a recruiting agency that isn’t valuing your long-term interests.

Offers Good Communication & Follow Up

When your facility or personnel have questions, your  Chandler medical recruiting agency should be easy to contact with good communication and provide fast follow up for all of your concerns. Choose a recruiting agency who will manage all of the hiring details for you so that you can focus on your specialty of providing quality care for your patients. It’s essential to work with an agency that will professionally and efficiently handle the inevitable time-sensitive questions and concerns that will arise.

Guarantees Confidence In their Candidates

The best healthcare recruiting agencies will guarantee the providers they place in your facility and are able to do so because have solid relationships with their candidates and tested intake procedures in place. When you hire a medical staffing agency that values candidate relationships and places a match they feel confident will be a good fit for your facility, you will benefit in the big picture.

Values Transparency

Ask your potential healthcare staffing agency what services they provide that you would be unable to do on your own. A quality agency will be able to explain all the ways that they earn their fees and will detail which tools they utilize, which steps they take in the recruiting process, and how they save your company time and money.

Holds High Ethical Standards

Your Chandler medical staffing agency must hold high ethical standards. Ask about how paperwork, intake procedures, and confidentiality are managed at the company to ensure you are working with a recruiting agency who will honor their contractual obligations and exceed your expectations.

Work With Mesa’s Leading Medical Recruitment Agency

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