How To Attract & Retain Top Talent In Healthcare

The last few years have seen tremendous change in the healthcare profession. In 2021, large numbers of healthcare providers resigned, while those who remained frequently suffered from burnout and the burden of understaffing. Since then, changes in Arizona healthcare staffing continue nationwide. Take a look at some current trends in healthcare recruitment:

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Virtual Hiring

During the COVID-19 pandemic response, virtual conference tools, such as Zoom, became essential to the daily operations of many businesses, and healthcare was no exception. Today, Zoom and similar software continue to be used daily to provide convenient patient care and appointments, staff meetings, and healthcare hiring.

There was some question in 2022 as to whether virtual conference tools would continue to be utilized. While their use has certainly decreased since 2020-2021, virtual interfaces are still popular for their convenience and time savings for both employers and job applicants. Virtual hiring saves time and costs. Employers are turning to virtual interviews for their hiring processes because virtual appointments take less time than in-person meetings and are often easier to accommodate scheduling for both the employer and the interviewee.

With virtual hiring interfaces such as LinkedIn Video Intro, you can ask job applicants to create videos answering specific questions that enable you to filter through applicants more quickly, helping you to locate the perfect fit for your facility. Travel nurses especially are taking advantage of video platforms and tools that enable virtual interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes when they work with a Gilbert nurse recruiting agency. It seems that some technology processes are here to stay, and employers will increase their appeal to job applicants while saving resources when they take advantage of these platforms.

Focus On Mental Health

Today’s world is increasingly emphasizing mental health and wellness. In turn, employers are finding that they must prioritize these issues as well to retain their employees. This is especially important in the healthcare profession, where employees are at a much higher risk of burnout than in other professions or industries.

Healthcare professionals who suffer from burnout are more likely to make mistakes as they work, which can result in loss of life, serious injury, and increased liability for their employers when patients’ health and lives are in danger from even a simple mistake. This focus on mental health highlights the significance of employer emphasis on wellbeing not only for the sake of employees but for the safety of their patients.

Increased Automation

Automation is increasing across almost every industry, with healthcare being one of the slowest. However, this has started to change and is expected to continue to change through 2023 and into the future. Automation has been praised for saving significant costs of healthcare as well as its ability to alleviate the ongoing problem of understaffing. Automation enables menial tasks to be completed correctly while reducing the burden on your staff. Ask your Queen Creek healthcare recruiting agency for guidance if you are wondering how automation can support your healthcare organization and staff members.

Development Of New Skills

Your Arizona medical recruiting agency has seen an increase in the demand for skills and specialties for nurses, physicians, and other healthcare providers. The wait for patients to see specialty care providers is increasing, and it’s becoming more expensive for patients to see these providers. Additionally, the understaffing crisis means that healthcare professionals will need to fill more roles in their day-to-day jobs. This is where upskilling and reskilling are becoming very common for healthcare providers.

Upskilling refers to the process of learning new skills, while reskilling is learning new skills to take on a different role. Employers across the nation are realizing that it’s less expensive to teach their existing employees new skills than it is to hire an individual who is newly trained in a skill. The ability to specialize in multiple areas and fill multiple roles is something that we expect to see more of in the healthcare industry over the coming years.

As the healthcare industry continues to change, more and more healthcare employees will need to develop new skills. Employers can meet these needs by providing access to new training, offering financial incentives to their employees, and attracting new employees who have specialized training in multiple areas.

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