Tactics For Healthcare To Overcome Nurse Shortage & Staff Turnover

If your company is feeling the brunt of the many challenges that are facing the healthcare industry, you’re not alone. As a large percentage of the workforce reaches retirement age and society is facing an increased need for geriatric care providers, many healthcare organizations are struggling both to fill empty jobs and to retain the staff they do employ.

Healthcare organizations across the country are wondering how they can minimize these complications for their employees, staff, and patients. It may cost as much as $60,000 to recruit and train a new nurse. Considering the high rate of turnover that most healthcare organizations are seeing, it’s easy to see the powerful impact of turnover on your bottom line.

So how can your healthcare organization recruit and retain the best nurses and staff who will stay for the long haul? Consider these four simple strategies from your Gilbert nurse recruiting agency.

Tactics For Healthcare in AZ

Hire the Right Candidate for the Job

It’s likely that nothing you do will bring your organization a greater return on investment than hiring the right candidate for your job in the first place. This means examining and improving your hiring processes so that your organization can ensure that the candidates you interview have the right knowledge, skills, training, competencies, personality, and characteristics for the job. Chandler healthcare staffing suggests hiring a personnel assistant, whose job is to leverage improved hiring processes and personal assessments to ensure that the selection process helps your company find the right candidates for your open positions. Your organization will need to successfully identify the hard skills that are needed for top job performance. Additionally, a variety of additional factors, such as personality, preferences, past experiences, communication style, and the many things that make each person unique, can help you fit the right candidate into your open positions. When healthcare professionals feel as though they are a good fit for their position, they are likely to stay longer and provide more benefit for your organization and your patients.

Individualize Onboarding Processes

Most healthcare organizations have some kind of onboarding processes, but they may not be as effective as you’d like them to be. In fact, the vast majority of healthcare workers believe that their organization did a poor job in preparing them to work at their facility. This means that your organization may want to consider working with your Queen Creek RN staffing agency to develop and individualize your onboarding processes so that your new hires feel prepared and supported as they step into their new roles at your facility.

Enhance Ongoing Clinical Competency Skills

Once you’ve found the right candidate for your open positions and utilized an effective onboarding process, you’ll need to continually re-evaluate and improve the competency skills of your staff. As diagnoses in healthcare become more complex and medical knowledge continues to grow, clinical knowledge and skills must be continually updated with current information and standards of practice.

Some ways that your organizations can enhance the competency skills of your nurses include:

  • Making continuing education courses available to your staff
  • Providing assessments to help nurses determine and improve their skills
  • Identifying areas of strength and weakness so that each employee can better meet the needs of their job roles
  • Developing specific courses and trainings to meet the gaps in your facility on an individualized level

New nursing school graduates will carry a large body of knowledge in several healthcare specialties, usually based on their clinical or personal experience. This knowledge will be stretched and expanded as each nurse builds up their own experience at your facility in various departments. Once a nurse has been worked in a focused area of practice for some time, assessments can be a helpful tool for identifying areas that need improvement. These assessments can be used to set up personalized training and learning specific to that healthcare worker and their role at your facility.

Develop Leadership Among Your Employees

An important part of retention is identifying the leaders within your organization and putting them into work that suits their strengths. Most employees leave their supervisors, not the organization. This means that your organization can directly influence the retention of your employees by promoting job satisfaction through skilled and effective supervisors. In order to do this, you’ll need to identify which employees from your Gilbert RN staffing agency have the leadership skills that you’re seeking. Then, you’ll need to develop these skills with individualized training. Consider offering continuing education courses in leadership and management, not just in medical or clinical topics, in order to foster leadership development in your employees and promote retention.

Find the Best Nurses for Your Healthcare Facility

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