Why Are Hospitals Hiring Travel Nurses In Arizona?

Travel nurses enjoy the best of both worlds. They gain steady employment at a competitive salary, while having the freedom to see new places. Many RNs appreciate not being tied down long-term to a particular employer or location and are eager to gain a wide variety of experience as they move from one hospital or clinic to another. Hospitals have long hired traveling nurses to meet their staffing needs, but economic changes and human resources demands have made hiring traveling nurses even more attractive as hospitals work with a Chandler nursing recruiting agency to fill vacancies in their nursing staff. 

Top Benefits Of Hiring Travel Nurses For Your Arizona Hospital

What Are Travel Nurses?

One of the best kept secrets in healthcare, travel nurses are RNs who are employed by staffing agencies instead of hospitals or healthcare providers. They take short term positions where they are needed. In most cases, an assignment will last around 13 weeks, but may be longer or shorter depending on the agency’s agreement with the facility, employer requests, or staffing needs at a particular hospital. In addition to regular salary, housing or a housing stipend is often included, along with some travel cost reimbursement. Travel nurses working with a Gilbert RN staffing agency have the option of taking jobs only in one particular region or traveling across the nation to fill vacancies as they are needed.

In many cases, travel nurses are interested in short-term positions because they usually receive higher pay than they would earn in a long-term position at the same hospital. Many nurses love the flexibility of experiencing new places without the commitment that comes from taking a permanent position. Great benefits and housing allowances make the deal even sweeter. Financial security, plenty of flexibility, and the freedom to travel make travel nursing an appealing option for many nurses who do not want to take on a permanent position or stay in one place for a long time.

Travel Nursing Meets Short-Term Staffing Needs

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have historically hired travel nurses through a Queen Creek medical staffing agency primarily to cover short-term staffing shortages. This includes situations such as between full-time hires or where coverage is needed for permanent nurses who are taking time off for health or personal reasons. Another common reason for hiring travel nurses is to provide additional staffing support during busier times of the year, which may include flu season or tourist season in certain areas of the nation. Most hospitals work with travel nurse organizations or Scottsdale healthcare staffing to connect with available and qualified travel nurses for their open positions.

Travel Nurses Can Fill Difficult Positions

Many hospitals hire short-term traveling nursing to help ease the burden of nursing positions that are difficult to fill. This tends to be in specialized nursing fields where burnout is common and staffing turnover is very high, such as a dialysis nursing, psychiatric nursing, or pediatric nursing positions. The expense of replacing long-term hospital employees is often higher than working with travel nurses. In these situations, Mesa healthcare staffing can more easily fill vacancies with qualified candidates at lower risk of burnout, which can ease the burden on hospitals and their permanent staff while also providing more consistent care for patients.

Travels Nurses Can Reduce Staffing Costs

Although travel nurses have traditionally been viewed as more expensive for hospitals than hiring local, long-term staff to fill the positions, as employment costs increase, hiring travel nurses for certain positions may actually be less expensive for healthcare providers. When hospitals hire travel nurses, they eliminate the need to pay for benefits such as health insurance, PTO, and retirement, which trades off by reducing the associated expenses involved with recruiting, training, overtime, and payroll staff.

Promising Job Growth For Travel Nursing

Jobs in the healthcare field continue to expand as the baby boomer generation continues to age, resulting in a need for more medical procedures and critical care. This means that travel nursing jobs will continue to expand.

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