Locum Tenens Is An Excellent Solution To Staffing Difficulties

Healthcare facilities are increasingly seeing the advantages of working with travel nurses or short-term placements across all open healthcare jobs, including nurses, nurse practitioners, and even physicians. Not only does working with Arizona healthcare staffing help facilities consistently maintain sufficient staffing in all of their departments, but they may also benefit from fewer associated costs that come with hiring more permanent staff. Locum tenens staffing can be an excellent solution to staffing difficulties or fields with high amounts of turnover.

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What Is Locum Tenens Staffing?

The phrase locum tenens comes from Latin and means “to hold a place.” Locum tenens doctors, nurses, and physician’s assistants take temporary positions in order to fill staffing needs, cover gaps in facility scheduling or while long-term staff is away for medical reasons, or in areas where burnout and turnover are high. Locum tenens assignments can last from a few days to several months depending on the hospital’s needs and the individual contract. Job openings may be in any part of the nation as long as the proper credentialing can be obtained and the candidate is open to traveling. Here are 5 ways healthcare facilities will benefit from hiring locum tenens staff.

The Benefits Of Locum Tenens Staffing For Your Healthcare Facility

Working locum tenens positions can be a valuable and rewarding experience for medical professionals of all kinds, whether they are newly graduated or have many years of experience in their field. Healthcare facilities who opt to hire locum tenens staff through a Mesa nurse recruiting agency will find several advantages:

Financial Benefits

Hiring locum tenens staffing may initially seem more expensive for healthcare facilities, because traveling providers often make a higher hourly rate than permanent hospital employees. However, working with an experienced Chandler physician staffing agency can provide many benefits for your healthcare facility that can actually be financially advantageous in the long run. You’ll be able to reduce the number of human resources personnel, payroll employees, recruiters, and trainers that your facility needs, because the staffing agency will take care of these needs for you as part of your contract. Additionally, your healthcare facility won’t have to pay for other expenses, such as paid time off (PTO), healthcare and other benefits, or overtime pay. Locum tenens staffing may quickly pay off for your healthcare facility.

More Satisfied Medical Professionals

Locum tenens staffing through your Gilbert nurse recruiting agency provides a lifestyle with the freedom to travel and explore new parts of the country. Meeting new people and gaining new experiences is a popular desire among travel nurses and other locum tenens medical professionals. Although many people assume that travel nurses are young and new in their career, locum tenens assignments have become increasingly attractive in recent years to more experienced medical professionals who want to try something new and explore the country while expanding their professional skills in their chosen field. Hiring travel nurses can result in a more satisfied healthcare staff for your agency, which translates to reduced staff turnover and better patient care.

Reduced Administrative Duties

Locum tenens healthcare providers can reduce the administrative duties of your healthcare facility because Chandler nurse staffing agency will take care of many of these responsibilities for you as part of your contract with the locum tenens providers. You’ll find that your locum tenens professionals also appreciate not having to deal with hospital politics, teaching responsibilities, and other administrative work as well, making locum tenens providers an excellent solution for everyone.

Increased Flexibility

Partnering with a Mesa healthcare staffing agency to hire locum tenens medical professionals for your healthcare facility can provide increased flexibility for your organization. You’ll be able to fill staffing gaps more easily when permanent employees need to take medical or personal leave, which results in greater patient satisfaction and increased consistency in your facility’s ability to provide quality care. Locum tenens positions can be a beneficial solution for stressful or high burnout fields, such as psychiatry, intensive care, and end-of-life care. Short-term staffing can help your permanent clinicians avoid burnout as well by providing fresh energy and perspectives in many departments of your healthcare facility.

Exposure To Different Practice Settings

One of the most significant benefits of hiring locum tenens providers through Gilbert physician practitioner staffing is that clinicians can develop a wider range of skills as they move through different practice settings. This brings valuable experience and skill sets to your facility from medical professionals who have been able to work in many different areas with different populations.

Work With an Experienced Staffing Agency In Mesa

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