How To Know When Your CV Is Ready So You Can Find Your Next Dream Job

Most people don’t enjoy working on their resume or curriculum vitae (CV), even when they are eager to find a new place to work. Submitting your resume over and over every time you think about finding a new position can be frustrating. Working with a medical staffing agency and finding ways to give your resume a competitive edge can be exactly what you need to simplify the process and make finding your next job a breeze! Learn more about how to know when your CV is ready so you can find your next dream job.

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Why Do Medical Staffing Agencies Want My Resume?

All nurses who want to work with a Queen Creek nurse recruiting agency to find a new job will need to include a detailed resume or CV at the very beginning of the process. This is required for a variety of reasons:

  • To verify that you meet all of our agency’s hiring criteria
  • To verify what nursing assignments and job types you’re interested in
  • To make the best use of everyone’s time: yours, ours, and potential employers,
  • To give you an edge on early submission for high-paying jobs and most-desired positions, by having all of your information available in advance
  • To match you for jobs as quickly as possible, because the sooner we receive your resume, the faster we can help you best represent your skills and experience
  • Every healthcare facility that reaches out to us for candidates will require your resume or CV to assess you as a healthcare professional and make sure you will be a good fit for their open position
  • To help you come out on top for the jobs you want

Putting together a solid CV at the beginning of your application process is crucial in helping you get the positions you want.

What If My Resume Needs Updates?

Many nurses struggle to put together a CV or resume, but don’t let that stop you from working toward your dreams! Whether your CV needs a small refresh or a complete overhaul, we are ready to help you. The recruiters at Chandler healthcare staffing understand what facilities are looking for and will use their knowledge to help get your resume ready for submission to potential employers.

How Will I Know When My CV Is Ready for Submission?

Our team of experts will help you refine your resume, based on their knowledge and experience. However, every nursing resume should include crucial information: 

  • What licensure do you have and what states you’re licensed in
  • Your specialty, if applicable
  • What additional training, certifications, or accreditations you have earned
  • Any EMR system experience or training you have
  • Your career objectives and highlights
  • Recent clinical experience, starting with the most recent and moving backward, including at a minimum the last 3 facilities where you work, with what agency, what unit or floor, and the dates that you worked

What If I Have a Recent Employment Gap?

Maybe you took some time off between jobs or needed to take a break from nursing because of an illness, injury, or family matter. Provide a brief, honest explanation for the employment gap. You may be asked to provide additional circumstances or explanations during an interview, but in most cases, a Gilbert RN recruiting agency will still be able to find you a great position! 

What If I Have a Criminal Charge Or Disciplinary Action On My Nursing License?

All criminal charges or disciplinary actions on your nursing license must be disclosed when you apply to our agency. Although these types of circumstances can complicate the job application process, they aren’t necessarily deal breakers, and your Scottsdale nurse recruiting agency may still be able to work with you to find a position at a healthcare facility, depending on the type of offense, timing, and other circumstances. Placement will ultimately depend on the facility where you apply.

A failure to self-report any new or existing criminal charge or disciplinary action is grounds for immediate disqualification from employment through an agency and may also lead to job termination. To find out more about how these types of circumstances may affect your ability to find a job in healthcare, contact your state’s nursing board. It’s always best to be honest, and proactive regarding any negative history with your nursing license.

What Other Tips Or Best Practices Should I Consider For My Resume?

Talk with your Arizona medical recruiting agency for tips related to your specific situation, but one of the most helpful practices is to keep a current digital copy of your resume accessible on your phone. This makes it easy and fast to send your resume anytime. Google Drive, Dropbox, or iCloud are perfect apps for this purpose. Keep your resume accessible and up to date on job search platforms such as Indeed or LinkedIn. Update your resume every year or after each new job assignment. When your resume is updated regularly, submitting it in the future will be much easier!

Perfect Your Resume & Find The Perfect Nursing Position With Our Staffing Agency

Getting your resume ready for job applications doesn’t have to be overwhelming. When you work with the experienced recruiters at One Stop Recruiting, you’ll enjoy guidance and assistance in refreshing your resume or CV so you can stand out from the crowd. One Stop Recruiting is a leading medical staffing agency in Arizona that is ready to help you find the perfect nursing position! Get in touch with us today to get started.

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