Become The Best Candidate For a Job In The Health Sector

Do you know that writing a healthcare job resume is still something not easily mastered? With thousands of job seekers vying for hundreds of healthcare jobs each year, including many from licensed medical professionals, you’ll need more than just a decent resume to impress the recruiters.

So, for a standout resume, you only need the right information. An Arizona medical staffing agency shares below the basics for your HR-friendly resume design and writing tips!

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Use Keywords In Your Resume

Healthcare recruiters now use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to filter applicants based on the keywords they use in their CVs. These programs eradicate unconscious bias, but they also ignore highly qualified applicants.

That’s why you must identify the exact keywords to describe the required skills for the job position. These keywords must match your skills. Otherwise, the effort will be in vain.

You can use synonyms for these keywords through your application. Avoid acronyms when describing a job title, it’s always best to use the full description.

Create a Skills and Qualifications Section

List skills that are relevant to the job you’re applying for. Scan the job listing for required skills and list those that pair with your level.

Prioritize ‘hard’ skills because they are usually the first thing recruiters consider. Hard skills are learned abilities that you got through studies and practice. For example, a degree or a medical-specific certification.

You should also list ‘soft’ skills. These skills are more related to how you work. These are usually abilities like problem solving and teamwork.

A Scottsdale nurse recruiting agency won’t overlook soft skills. On the contrary, it will always consider them for different job positions.

Remember Formatting Matters

Do not forget to choose a format for your resume! Avoid starting your work and study history with the first thing you did years ago. Instead, display the most recent experience first because it will be the most relevant to the job you’re applying for.

List your previous jobs in reverse chronological order. This format will place the most current work experience at the forefront, simplifying the review for the hiring manager.

You don’t have to list every job you’ve ever held, only those related to the current job position you’re looking for.

Use Active Language

The formal tone is recommended, but be sure to use an active voice instead of a passive voice. Using an active voice will make your writing more concise and easier to read.

A passive voice is when the verb acts as a subject in a sentence. For example, the sentence ‘the book was hidden by the librarian’ is in the passive voice.

This type of language can confuse recruiters, so be sure to use an active voice the most you can.

Before sending your resume to a Gilbert physician staffing agency, use different online writing tools to improve the quality of your writing. Hire a professional to write your resume if you don’t have the time for it.

Be Honest & Realistic About Your Experience

The most important thing about your resume is telling the truth. You must be honest about your skills, work experience, and knowledge. Don’t lie about the skills you have, especially when applying for a healthcare job.

The health area is very delicate, so lying about certain skills could be a big issue.

Lying about your job skills will only cause the organization or company to eventually terminate your contract sooner than you expected. Also, it is very likely that during the interview, the recruiters realize that you are lying about your abilities.

Proofread Your Resume

You may spend a lot of time writing and refining your resume, so you may be too tired to self-edit in the end. Sadly, grammar or punctuation mistakes can ruin a great resume faster than you think.

It’s wise to find some trusted friends to proofread your resume with a critical view. They’ll probably find some mistakes you didn’t see so that you can solve them immediately.

Contact a Mesa Medical Staffing Agency For More Help

Once you’re ready with your optimized resume, get ready for your job hunting. Keep in mind that sourcing leads, applying, and following up is already a difficult process per sé. Nonetheless, a staffing agency can be a great help!

If you’re searching for your next healthcare job, One Stop Recruiting can help. We’re a top-rated Mesa medical staffing agency that can match physicians assistants and nurse practitioners with excellent employers. If you want to learn more about our services, feel free to contact us by phone or email.


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