Assisted Living Facility Employee Turnover Reduction Strategies

When your assisted living facility hires a new healthcare worker, you hope that they continue to work for your facility for a long time. Staff retention is crucial in healthcare facilities in order to provide continuity of care for patients as well as reduce the many costs involved with recruiting, hiring, and training new employees. Especially in assisted living facilities, low retention rates can be a significant problem for everyone.

Employee Turnover Reduction Strategies in AZ

Decreased Quality Of Care

Residents at your assisted living facility are likely to see decreased health, both physical and mental, when there are high levels of staff turnover. Patient care is improved when residents and staff get to know each other and consistently work with the same people. When turnover rates are high, staff and residents aren’t able to build relationships, leading to a reduced quality of life and lower standard of care for your patients.

Higher Care Costs

It’s no secret that the cost of healthcare goes up when residents struggle with poorer health. Additionally, the ongoing high costs of recruiting, hiring, and training new staff members can be a strain on your facility’s bottom line, leaving little room in your budget for increasing your capacity to provide better patient care.

Reduced Job Satisfaction

High turnover rates affect your other employees, too. When a team of people who work well together are able to continue working together for a long time, job satisfaction increases, leading to even higher retention rates.

So how can your assisted living facility work with a Gilbert RN staffing agency to boost your employee retention rates and benefit everyone at your facility? Consider these tips to improve your staffing rates:

Increase Workplace Incentives

Offering incentives to your employees makes your workplace more attractive and helps your employees feel more appreciated as a valuable member of your team. Incentives don’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Consider providing quality food or meals for your employees, such as maintaining a well stocked breakroom or prepaid grocery cards.

Other incentives can include generous PTO packages and ensuring sufficient PPE for all of your employees. When your healthcare workers are able to take time off when they have family or medical needs, they are more likely to stay at your assisted living facility. Finally, remember to keep compensation competitive with other similar facilities so that your nurses are more likely to remain with your facility.

Improve Your Scheduling

Scheduling the right number of people for each shift can get complicated, especially when your facility employs a lot of part time employees who don’t have consistent work hours. If someone is sick at the last minute, it can be a struggle to find a replacement to cover their shift. Finding ways to improve scheduling, such as utilizing a scheduling software, can go a long way toward improving the overall employee experience at your assisted living facility. When your nurses from a Arizona nurse recruiting agency feel that their time is appreciated and they can easily maintain a healthy work-life balance, they are more likely to stay at their job.

Hire The Right Employees

Hiring the right person for the job is a key way to reduce turnover. Update your hiring procedures to ensure that job descriptions are accurate, compensation is competitive, and that you are not primarily appealing to over- or under-qualified personnel. A pre-interview questionnaire or short phone interview can help sort through potential new employees, saving time and costs in the hiring process. Working with a Chandler medical recruiting agency is one of the best ways to help your facility find the ideal candidates for your open positions.

Identify Small Issues Before They Become Major Problems

Addressing small issues, such as frequent tardiness or a staff disagreement, can go a long way toward preventing major issues. Few things will encourage employees to leave your facility than unresolved issues and feeling unheard by upper management. Getting to the bottom of problems while they are still small issues will help your facility take appropriate steps for resolution before you lose staff over an issue that could likely have been avoided.

Provide Opportunities For Career Growth

Providing opportunities for career growth, training, and learning new skills is a great way to retain your employees from Gilbert healthcare staffing. Nurses typically need to complete continuing education in order to maintain their licensure. Support your employees by offering relevant and interesting CEUs on the job, paying your employees to attend training events, or giving bonus paid time off while they fulfill their CEU requirements. This will build loyalty to your facility while encouraging your team to gain experience and new knowledge.

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