Improving Employee Satisfaction & Retention

Stay interviews, which are essentially the opposite of exit interviews, are seeing increased popularity in healthcare, business, and many other industries. Stay interviews are a popular tool for Mesa medical staffing agencies and healthcare industries to help promote employee satisfaction and retention. The purposes of a stay interview are:

  • To maintain open communication with current employees
  • To help employees stay engaged in their work
  • To verify employees’ happiness with the institution and policies as a whole
  • To hear employee concerns
  • To provide time to make necessary adjustments to policies and workplace environment
  • To promote employee retention by correcting problems or concerns before employees decide to quit

Although your HR department may feel as though they don’t have time to conduct routine interviews with a large number of staff in your company, it’s important to consider how much time is consumed with recruitment, hiring, and training. If ten stay interviews lead to one retained employee, the time and cost involved with a stay interview would very likely be worth the investment.

A top-rated Henderson RN staffing agency recommends a schedule of rotating stay interviews conducted by recruiters, HR professionals, managers, and supervisors. If each department is able to spend two hours per week interviewing 2-5 current employees, your workforce will know that it is valued and heard by management, and it’s likely that your company will find the cost-benefit ratio to be worthwhile.

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Which Employees Should I Interview?

Each company will find a different procedure that works well for them. Some recommendations include:

  • Asking your company’s management professionals or team leads to check in with staff on a routine basis, such as every 3-6 months
  • Asking recruitment or HR professionals to conduct the stay interviews and pass any actionable recommendations directly to team leaders
  • Informal stay interviews in which HR randomly interviews staff members from different departments

Whether your company chooses formal or informal stay interview procedures, your company may find it best to start with specific departments that have the highest levels of staff turnover. Understanding what is causing the problems, when compared to the ongoing costs of recruitment and new staff training, may reveal a number of areas with easily actionable solutions that can lead to significantly improved employee retention.

What Questions Should Be Asked in a Stay Interview?

A successful stay interview focuses on what the employees find most engaging and which negative facets will promote employees to look for a job elsewhere. With that information, your company can promote these high value aspects while correcting deficiencies that are encouraging employees to find greener pastures.

When you schedule the stay interview with an employee, Chandler nurse recruiting agency recommends including an outline of what you’ll be discussing so the employee is prepared to discuss areas that need support or change. Keep your interview structured and ask the same questions of each employee. Sample questions include:

  • What makes you feel excited or motivated to come to work?
  • What do you like most and least about working with our company?
  • What changes would you make to your job?
  • Do you feel recognized and appreciated?
  • Do you feel that you can use your best skills and talents here?
  • How can the company better support you?
  • What makes you want to stay with us, in both the short and long term?
  • How can we support your career growth?
  • What would prompt you to leave the company?
  • If you received another job offer, would you allow our company to discuss and counter it?

Acting on Information From Stay Interviews

In some cases, your stay interview will reveal immediately actionable issues that are easily addressed. For example, staff who are looking for more responsibility or more training may be relatively quickly and easily accommodated. In other situations, managers may need to consult with HR or administration, such as when salary is a primary issue. Acting on employee concerns from your stay interviews is crucial for employee retention and cooperation and effective use of everyone’s time.

Building Trust For Stay Interviews

Naturally, some staff in your facility may be hesitant to be honest during these interviews. Building trust with employees is crucial to improving your facility’s working conditions and retaining talent. You may find it useful to survey whether employees would be interested in participating in stay interviews, emphasizing that they are intended to promote positive change.

Good communication between management, supervisors, HR, recruitment, and administrators is imperative for successful stay interviews, as is maintaining confidentiality. It’s important that any relevant information gained from a stay interview is passed on to the correct personnel in your facility so that changes can be made.

Gilbert physician staffing has found tremendous benefit from stay interviews, as employee engagement and positive changes can promote a healthier work environment and employee retention. Consider stay interviews to reduce turnover in your facility and help your employees feel recognized. If you are looking for other staffing solutions for your healthcare facility, your medical recruiting agency is ready to help you move forward with success.

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