The Top PA Specialities In-Demand

Physician’s assistants from Queen Creek healthcare staffing are a crucial part of the American healthcare system. These highly trained medical professionals provide many of the same types of care that physicians do, including examination, diagnosis, treating, and prescribing, along with assisting with many types of surgery and other medical procedures.
In some states, physician assistants (PAs) are able to practice independently, while others work directly with or under physicians. In both situations, PAs are increasingly important in mitigating the nationwide physician shortage that is heading toward a major crisis. It’s likely that as the shortage continues, physician’s assistants will continue to provide an increasing amount of patient care and be in even greater demand.

Like doctors, PAs work in a wide variety of care settings, including clinics and hospitals, and have many different specialties. Although many PAs provide general and family practice care, others are much more specialized. Your Arizona medical staffing agency can help your facility attract and retain skilled physician’s assistants.

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Some of the most common physician’s assistant specialties include:

Family Medicine and General Practice

Family medicine/general practice PAs are often able to practice with a large degree of autonomy while providing many of the same services that physicians provide. They work in clinics, hospitals, and other facilities. Their responsibilities include taking patient histories, ordering lab tests and other diagnostic tests, examining patients, making diagnoses, prescribing medications, and developing treatment plans for adults, children, and infants.

Emergency Care

Emergency care is a huge field in the medical profession, with a fast-paced environment and a need for fast decision-making skills. PAs who work in emergency care assist patients who have life-threatening injuries or illnesses.

Urgent Care

A popular subspecialty for PAs is urgent care, where providers can care for patients on a walk-in basis with a heavy emphasis on acute illness and minor injuries. These PAs often enjoy autonomy as supervising physicians may not be on-site or are busy with their own patients.

Internal Medicine

Another popular PA specialty, PAs in general internal medicine work alongside physicians and patients in disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. PAs may enjoy a general focus or a more specialized subspecialty within internal medicine, such as hematology, diabetes care, or immunology.

Surgical Subspecialties

Working alongside surgeons to provide pre and post-operative care, surgical PAs can also participate in surgical procedures or in the operating room. Although there are many surgical subspecialties, cardiology and orthopedics are some of the fields with the highest demand for PAs.

Some Physician Assistant Specialties are in High Demand

The demand for primary care providers continues to increase, but with this growth comes a decline in new healthcare professionals. Many healthcare experts see PAs having a crucial role in filling this gap. Scottsdale healthcare staffing can assist facilities by recruiting PAs in some of the most demanded specialty fields:

General Surgery

Surgical PAs work alongside surgeons to cover every aspect of patient care before, during, and after surgery. A skilled surgical PA can handle routine surgeries and common complications in order to free up surgeons for more complex cases.

Critical Care

PAs are commonly employed in Intensive Care and Critical Care units to treat patients on life support or with life-threatening conditions or injuries. Attention to detail, decisiveness, and bedside manner is crucial for critical care PAs.

Emergency Medicine

Another fast-paced, high-stress field where decisions can mean the difference between life and death, emergency medicine has a high demand for PAs who can care for patients and handle basic procedures and treatments.


Post-mortem examinations and initial anatomic diagnoses, along with dissection of surgical specimens and tissue sampling, are some of the most common responsibilities that pathology PAs hold.


The highest paying specialty for PAs, dermatology PAs diagnose and treat medical conditions such as rashes, and skin cancer, elective treatments like Botox, and cosmetic procedures.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect PAs for Your Medical Facility

Physician assistants enjoy flexibility, increased responsibility, and good pay as they provide a variety of skills and expertise across different specialties. There’s a growing demand for PA services, and it’s likely that your facility would benefit from adding PAs to your team.

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