How To Properly Prepare For a Healthcare Job Interview

Whether you’re applying for your first healthcare job or you’re an experienced professional looking for a different position, you want to stand out from the crowd. Check out these tips from a Gilbert nurse recruiting agency that can help you edge out the competition as you seek new employment.

Learn Job Tips For Your Healthcare Job Interview In Arizona

Be Prepared

Ask your recruiter or interview contact for the names of the people who will be interviewing you and their relation to your potential position. Look up their profiles on LinkedIn so you can understand more about where they are coming from and be better prepared to shine during your interview.

Dress For Success

Conservative business casual is always a safe option for an interview with Mesa healthcare staffing . Don’t wear casual clothing or scrubs. It’s hard to go wrong when you are well dressed, but wearing an overly casual outfit can cost you.

Watch Your Caffeine Intake

Be careful not to consume too much coffee before an interview. Your adrenaline levels can increase, leaving you with shaky hands or extra stress that can decrease your performance.

Show Up On Time

Most healthcare professionals know that arriving late will start your interview on the wrong foot. But some people show up much too early, which makes staff uneasy and wondering whether there has been a mistake or misunderstanding. Just like being late, this likely won’t make a positive impression. Instead, stay in your car or find a nearby coffee shop until 5-10 minutes before your scheduled interview time.

Be Kind To Reception

The person at the front desk is usually not responsible for hiring, but can help advocate for you. Many companies ask their receptionists about the pre-interview personality of candidates, so be sure to treat everyone at reception with kindness and respect.

Take Initiative

Job candidates often expect the interviewer to make introductions, but extending your hand first can make a positive impression and will demonstrate your initiative, confidence, and enthusiasm. Plus, it can tamp down your own nervousness.

Find An Icebreaker

Once introductions have been made, look around for clues about your interviewer. Maybe there are photos of children or pets, or a picture of your interviewer in military uniform or on a vacation. Your goal is to find an easy opening into one of the interests of your interviewer to provide some friendly and sincere curiosity. This makes your interview more personal and memorable.

Make Targeted Answers

Use your interview to guide the conversation toward subjects that explain why you’re the right fit for the job from Chandler nurse practitioner staffing. For example, every interview will ask you to tell them about yourself. Steer the question toward your interests and experience that are relevant to the position you’re seeking. Prepare and rehearse these answers in advance so you are ready to demonstrate why you are a good fit for the position.

Check Your Speech

You’re more likely to be hired when you use practical language with relevant storytelling and draw upon specific circumstances in your professional career. Avoid using empty buzzwords and clichés such as “self-starter,” which can stand in for a lack of other quantifiable qualities or examples and might be tuned out by an interviewer who is working with a lot of candidates. It’s important to avoid saturating your speech with meaningless filler words such as “um,” “like,” and “you know.” These give the impression of a lack of confidence and articulation, making you appear hesitant and unsure. They can also be challenging to the patience of your interviewer. 

Avoid Talking Too Much About Yourself

Interviews are a balance of talking about yourself, but not too much. When describing incidents in your work history, give credit to your entire team or department before you explain your own role in the achievement or situation. This reflects better on you than exaggerating your own contributions.

Be Careful With Your Comments

Your Queen Creek nurse staffing agency might coach you to avoid making negative or critical comments during an on-site visit. If your interview is virtual, keep your comments to yourself until you are sure the call has ended, even if you are on mute. You never know who is connected to another person or who may be listening to a statement that you thought was private. Even one ill statement can cost you the job.

Send Follow Up Emails

After an on-site visit, take the time to send thank you emails to your interviewers. Personalize your communication by commenting on the interest or connection that you discussed during your interview. When done skillfully, this can make your interview more memorable and establish a personal connection that can make your hire more likely.

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