How To Find The Perfect Physician Job Opportunity

Physicians who are looking for a new job are likely to find plenty of opportunities and open positions, but that doesn’t mean that finding the perfect is easy. If you are looking for positions with a California medical recruiting agency, you’ll want to make some careful considerations about potential new positions to make sure you’re getting an ideal fit. Take a look at these ways to help you find the perfect new job opportunity.

Finding a new job opportunity as physician in California

Determine what’s most important to you

This may seem simple, but drafting up a list of the most important things you are looking for in a new job can also be one of the most helpful. Think about the physician positions you’ve held in the past. Consider what you’ve learned and what your physician style is to help figure out what matters the most to you. This might include things like pay rate, proximity to home and your children’s schools, scheduling preferences, workplace environment, workload, procedural preferences, what benefits are available, and more. But don’t stop there – dig deeply to really examine what matters to you, and write them down for reference as you consider new positions withColorado healthcare staffing.

Be honest with yourself

Once you’ve created a list of the most important things you are looking for in a new position, your next step is to rank these key factors. You can do that in order of importance, or divide the paper in half and determine which factors are essential and which ones might be negotiable or just be a nice benefit. Of course salary is a very important consideration for any new physician position, but there’s more to work than just how much money you take home at the end of the day. Consider your lifestyle and what type of position and scheduling will fit with your preferences. Which positions will be the most satisfying professionally while also creating a healthy lifestyle for you and your family? Be thoughtful and straightforward with yourself as you rank through your job preferences.

Envision real life scenarios

Take your non-negotiables and think about how they will work out in your life. Envision what different salaries might actually look like and what the tax implications might be. Consider living expenses in different areas along with proximity to schools and other amenities. How do on-call requirements compare between different positions with Las Vegas healthcare staffing? What distance are you willing to drive in order to get to work? Determine whether the recreational activities you enjoy on your days off are available near the potential new work setting, or if you will have to travel a long way to enjoy time in nature, a professional sporting event, a concert, or other relaxing activities. If schedule is one of the most important factors on your list, learn from the potential employer how many evenings you’ll be able to share with your family and how many weekends or holidays you will potentially be working. Envisioning your life at a potential new job and playing through scenarios in your mind will help you refine your job search and make sure you take on a position that is a great fit.

Expand your job search beyond the facility

When searching for a new position, many physicians look at the dynamics of the department in larger medical facilities and schedule interviews with the professionals they will be accountable to. Consider the office culture of a smaller private practice. But don’t limit your job search only to the clinic or hospital you’re considering; take time to examine the entire neighborhood and larger community. Beyond looking at schools, consider what kinds of activities are available for your children, what kind of family recreation is nearby, and more. You may also want to consider whether there are other job opportunities nearby for the future, or whether you will need to relocate if you decide to change positions again at some point in the future. Do you prefer to live and work in an urban, suburban, or rural environment? Make sure the community matches your personal and professional interests.

Keep your options open

There are nearly unlimited possibilities for physicians right now through a Nevada medical staffing agency. For physicians, this means there are plenty of opportunities to consider what type of position is best for you. Do you want to work in the same type of practice you’ve always been in, or are you looking to try something new?

Try out a short term position

As the national physician shortage continues to increase, locum tenens positions are growing in popularity, giving physicians the opportunity to take temporary positions at facilities in need of their services. This can be extremely beneficial as your search for a more permanent position because you’ll have the opportunity to try different types of facilities and work styles while exploring the local community before you commit to something long-term. Trying out a locum tenens position can give you insight on whether a position is the right fit.

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