How To Manage Medical Staffing When The Volume Of Patients Decline

Managing medical staff levels can be challenging even for experienced hospital administrators. Especially when patient volume fluctuates up and down, it can be hard to get your staffing levels just right. However, Chandler healthcare staffing has plenty of resources available to help medical facilities find the staff they need. 

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The Challenge Of Medical Staff Management

When patient volumes increase or decrease regularly, medical facilities have to find a way to maintain appropriate staffing levels so that their patients continue to receive the care they need. Although there are plenty of challenges for employees and patients in a facility that lacks sufficient staff levels, an overstaffed facility can also be complicated, putting a significant strain on the facility’s budget. You may find yourself in a situation where you either don’t have enough healthcare workers to care for patients, or you may not be able to sustain the number of employees you’ve hired.

It can be difficult to determine how many healthcare professionals and staff members your facility needs to hire permanently. But with these tips from your Arizona medical staffing agency, you’ll be well on your way to adjusting your staff numbers so that a decreased patient volume doesn’t turn into a frustrating situation. Additionally, terminating some of your employees isn’t the only option that you have as your patient volume fluctuates; there are plenty of other options to consider.

Consider these tips to help your facility manage medical staffing levels when your patient volume declines.

Use All Of Your Staff Where They Are Best Suited

For the sake of your budget and patient care, your staff needs to perform at maximum efficiency. One of the best ways to make sure your staff is being used to the right extent is to develop a formal staffing plan that will guarantee that each of your patients is cared for by a provider who has the most appropriate and suited skillset.

What is a formal staffing plan?

This unit-specific scheduling strategy can help your facility support consistent care in each of your departments. Your Queen Creek healthcare recruiting agency can help you understand which factors are the most important for your facility to consider as you develop a staffing plan. These typically include patient understanding, your facility’s rate of patient admissions and discharges, your facility’s specialties, and how much experience your staff members have.

Develop a Staffing Committee

Hospital administration, case management, or human resources departments can do the research themselves for your facility, but it takes time and experience to fully understand exactly how complex medical staffing can be. This is frequently too much for one person or an unorganized group of people to take on by themselves, especially when healthcare continues to change so rapidly.

The most time and cost-efficient method of managing your patient staffing levels are by developing a staffing committee that can work with your Scottsdale RN staffing agency. You’ll be able to take an organized, collaborative approach that will benefit everyone at your healthcare facility. In some states, your facility may even be legally required to maintain a staffing committee, but it’s a good idea even if it’s not mandatory. Your staffing committee will be able to provide crucial input on scheduling procedures and staffing policies that are unique to your facility’s needs.

Consult With Your Employees

Although numbers have an important role in medical facility management, no amount of data can replace the knowledge, experience, and intuition that you can gain from an experienced staff member. Consulting with your employees and being open to their responses is one of the best ways to gain insight into your facility and learn more about the things that don’t necessarily show up on paper. As you analyze your options and consider the next steps, ask senior staff members in various departments how they view staffing and scheduling in their department. Get their opinion on what you’re doing well, what can be improved, and where more attention is needed.

There’s no single solution that will solve all of your staffing challenges, but these three tips can help you gain the insight and information you need to improve your facility and make sure you maintain optimal staffing levels.

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