Guide For A Correct Follow-Up Of A Job Application

The healthcare sector is one of the fastest-growing industries today. There are currently over 20 million jobs available in this field. Therefore, you might find plenty of opportunities regardless of your specialty. 

However, before applying for a position, you need to prepare yourself. You must show employers that you are qualified for the role if you want to stand out. This way, they will consider you for the position.

According to a Chandler medical staffing agency, many applicants in the healthcare sector know how to apply for healthcare jobs, but they usually don’t know how to follow up on the application without sounding pushy. If you’re among them, don’t worry, we’ve got your back this time! Read the guide below to know how to follow up on your application without looking a bit desperate.

Follow-Up Of A Job Application

Knowing What Happens When Applying For A Position

Understanding what happens to your application after you submit it can help you understand how to follow up. This process varies depending on the system the employer uses, although it generally follows the same basic steps. 

The first step is prescreening. The company hiring uses computer software to ensure you meet the basic job qualifications. Depending on how it is set up, this could be a basic screening or a more thorough one. If your application fails this step, a human will rarely see it, but you will probably receive an automated notice.

The second step is human resources review. The human resources staff will review the applications in the system to either send all eligible resumes to the hiring manager or only the best candidates. 

Many healthcare centers trust this process to a Queen Creek medical staffing agency. These agencies tend to simplify the selection so that the healthcare center only focuses on the most important aspects of the job, including special training if necessary.

For those centers without staffing agencies, the best is to finish the process with hiring managers scheduling the interviews. In this step, some hiring managers see all applicants, whereas others only see some candidates chosen by human resources. 

The First Follow-Up

If you submit an application and do not receive a reply from your potential employer, you must follow up.

People may have different suggestions for waiting periods, but generally speaking, it takes a week to give the human resources division time to review and process your application. 

The first point of contact should always be with the human resources department.

It may be difficult to contact human resources. Large organizations, such as hospitals, receive many applications, so they try to keep outside applicants from easily accessing their human resources. 

If an online number for human resources is available, you should usually start there. Some systems might ask you to leave a message, whereas others may connect you to a human operator. 

If you applied for a position with a Gilbert medical staffing agency, you can contact them to know more details about your application. If not, you can talk to the human resource department as we mentioned before.

Human resource personnel deal with many applicants, so they may have not even pulled your application from the system and sent it to the hiring manager. Calling them may sometimes prompt them to do so, increasing your chances for an interview. 

Ongoing Follow-up

If you still receive no response, calling roughly a week or a week and a half apart will help you sound persistent but not desperate. 

If you still haven’t heard a response, it’s time to ask for a timeframe on the decision and delicately encourage them to provide you with a better idea of when you can expect to hear the outcome.

Calling The Hiring Manager

Contacting a hiring manager is another option. It will impact the decision, but it can be either positive or negative. Some managers will see direct contact with them as a positive trait because it shows that you are eager to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. Others will interpret this as a sign of despair.

Internal Contacts

Unless you used a Scottsdale medical staffing agency, it might be difficult to follow up on a healthcare job application without internal contacts.

If you have internal contacts at the company where you are applying, ask them to give you information about your application.  

Knowing someone already employed where you are applying creates a much more effective connection when following up on your application. If an internal employee follows up on your application, their inquiries will be more accepted, and they will understand how to follow up far better than you would.

Hiring A Staffing Agency

Following up is an important part of applying for a job. Unfortunately, many applications rest in a computer system and stay there forever. 

That’s why is always best to work with a trusted Mesa medical staffing agency like One Stop Recruiting. With our team, you won’t have to worry about follow-ups because we’ll do it for you. Contact us now to learn more about our services! 

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