Tips For Retaining Your Nursing Staff In an Attractive Workplace

Nursing professionals are in high demand across all healthcare facilities, and as a health center administrator, you likely recognize the importance of making your facility attractive for permanent career nurses so you can retain your employees as long as possible. But how can you do that in an age of intense competition and staffing shortage? Check out these tips from your Arizona nurse staffing agency.

Hiring a committed nurse with an Arizona recruiting agency

Develop Your Facility’s Brand

Motivate your facility’s environment by creating a strong brand that will attract people to work for you. Professionals want to work for a company with a strong reputation. Although not every hospital will be as well known as St. Jude Children’s Research or Mayo Clinic, building a positive brand locally will help attract employees – and patients – to your facility.

Perfect Your Onboarding Policies

Once nursing professionals are familiar with your company, an excellent onboarding process will give them confidence about working for you. Consider sending an official letter thanking your new staff for joining your team, including necessary communication such as tax and payroll paperwork, training videos, copies of employment contracts, and more. Develop solid training and orientation programs and consider a mentorship structure for new hires. Check in periodically for feedback and communication with your new staff from your Henderson nurse recruiting agency.

Define Jobs & Roles Clearly

It’s imperative that nurses are clear on their role and job expectations. New staff will feel intimidated and uncertain if they aren’t sure what their superiors expect. Clear job definitions and understanding of their superiors’ roles will help your new nurses take appropriate actions and responses.

Don’t Micromanage

Most healthcare professionals thrive when they have space to practice. Although mentoring can be helpful, constant supervision or overwhelming management will make them feel untrusted.

Respect Your Team

Nurses recruited by your Gilbert nurse recruiting agency are skilled professionals with excellent bedside manner and experience. Maintaining respect for your team is crucial to cultivating a motivational and comfortable work environment in your healthcare facility.

Cultivate Teamwork

Nursing tends to be a team skill, and many nurses thrive when they are able to work in teams with people who have similar approaches. Instead of assigning three patients to one nurse, consider giving six patients to a team of two nurses. This will reduce stress on your nurses and promote accountability for a positive work environment.

Encourage Feedback

Not everyone is comfortable sharing their opinions, especially in large staff meetings. Anonymous surveys or one-on-one meetings are an excellent way to give all of your nurses the opportunity to share their feedback. Acting on that feedback will demonstrate that you value the opinions of your staff and motivate them to stay at your facility long-term.

Celebrate Staff Accomplishments

A simple but effective way to motivate your nursing team is to recognize their accomplishments. Praise encourages people to continue their hard efforts and lets your staff know that you value them. A positive and uplifting environment is one of the best ways to promote staff retention.

Provide Emotional Support

Healthcare professionals are prone to burnout due to the highly emotional nature of their work, and unfortunately, that isn’t always managed well by hospital administration. Encourage your nurses to seek help when it’s needed and to take preventative measures to support their mental health. Complimentary emotional support programs as one of the benefits of being employed in your facility can go a long way toward preventing nurses from leaving due to stress or burnout.

Improve the Break Rooms

Everyone knows that nurses have long shifts, so comfortable break rooms are imperative to help refresh all of your staff before they go back to caring for patients. A good break room should include adequate space, comfortable seating, healthy and delicious food options, and quality coffee.

Promote Higher Education

Many healthcare workers want to expand their formal education, and your facility can make that feasible by providing financial assistance with higher degrees in a healthcare field. Keep scheduling consistent and avoid penalizing staff for trading shifts, so that balancing work, school, and personal life can become a reality for your nurses.

Offer Good Benefits

When you work with a Chandler nurse staffing company, you’ll be encouraged to provide an excellent benefits package for your employees to make your facility stand out. This includes competitive pay, generous vacation time and sick, self-scheduling, and other benefits. Mandated vacation time can promote the mental and physical health of your nursing staff so they are able to continue caring for patients.

Although there will always be some staff turnover at your facility, it’s ideal to retain your trained employees as long as possible. These tips from your Queen Creek nurse recruiting agency can make your facility a great place to work!

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