Hiring The Best Candidate For Your Pathology Team

If your facility has a pathology lab, you naturally want it to be successful and to become an asset to your providers, your health facility, and your community as a whole. Your California medical staffing agency is ready to help you hire the best people for the job so you can add excellent candidates to your pathology team. But what should you look for when hiring a medical lab assistant? Consider these 5 skills that are the pathway to success for your pathology unit.

Hiring a medical lab assistant with a medical staff agency

Strong Technology Skills

A qualified medical lab technician will have experience in multiple technical fields, including extensive skills in the use of computers and electronics. This includes using general computer hardware, specialized software that is used in your facility, and general knowledge of electronics. You’ll want your new medical lab assistant to be proficient in different types of software, which includes Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software, test routing software, test result distribution software, and Laboratory Information System (LIS) software. Although a background knowledge of specific software applications is useful, a general adeptness with technology will help your new medical lab assistant quickly learn whatever software applications your facility is using. It’s also helpful if your new assistant has knowledge of databases, spreadsheets, and word processing programs so they can stay on track with existing procedures and methods.

Attention to Detail

The procedures, testing, and results that happen in medical laboratories are complex, so any qualified medical lab assistant must have strong attention to detail. This is especially true in the lab research field, where procedures tend to be especially complex and must be completed systematically for accurate results. In pathology, precision is imperative. When you work with Colorado healthcare staffing to find a new medical lab assistant, you’ll want to look for someone with excellent attention to detail in order to reduce errors and promote job satisfaction.

Passion For Science

You’ll want your potential new medical lab technicians to have a background in science and/or research because their daily job responsibilities will include sciences such as chemistry, biology, and physiology. Although a solid understanding of these subjects is a prerequisite for the job, having a passion for them is a bonus and will promote more job satisfaction. Lab technicians who have a passion for their job will be more effective, more dedicated, and ultimately more successful.

Excellent Team Skills

As with most other fields, a medical lab technician must be able to work cooperatively with other people. Lab technicians are a crucial part of the diagnostic team and frequently work behind the scenes with doctors, nurse practitioners, and other care providers to provide information and assist with diagnoses. An intuitive desire to help people, along with attentiveness to detail, efficiency, and accuracy is imperative for any great medical lab technician. Excellent team skills will also include strong communication skills with the other members of their laboratory team. The reliability of your laboratory will depend on whether your technicians can accurately communicate their procedures and results to doctors, specialists, and other providers within your facility. Your medical lab technician will need to excel at listening, speaking, making accurate records, and establishing careful documentation of test results. When you work with your Las Vegas medical staffing agency, you can feel confident that your potential new candidates will excel at working with others in your facility.

Dedication To Consistency

Since much of the work in a medical laboratory is routine, with similar experiments and bloodwork to be run, a dedication to consistency will be an asset to any potential candidate for the job. When hiring a new medical lab technician, you’ll want to be sure they have the skills of consistency and reliability in their work and in their communications with others. It’s imperative that any good medical lab technician be reliable and accurate with their measurements for trustworthy results.

One Stop Recruiting Can Help You Find Qualified Lab Technicians

As you seek to staff your facility’s medical laboratory, you’ll want to work with the best recruitment agency who can verify that you hire quality technicians who will bring success, innovation, and reliability to your lab. With decades of experience and a reputation for quality, One Stop Recruiting has what it takes to find the best lab technicians for your facility, whether you are looking to fill short-term, long-term, or locum tenens positions. Contact our friendly team to learn more about how we can help solve your staffing needs today!


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