Reducing Costs & Getting Qualified Candidates For Your Facility

Outsourced recruiting can provide you with a pool of qualified candidates at a lower cost than hiring new staff. Additionally, it can save on advertising costs and time spent interviewing candidates. These are only a few of the advantages you can get from this type of recruiting.

If you’re asking what other benefits you can get, keep reading below. Our trusted Arizona medical recruiting agency will list some of the most important. 

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Why Are Staffing Shortages A Problem?

Staffing shortages in healthcare have been an ongoing problem for a variety of reasons, including:

Healthcare Burnout

The effect of “the great resignation” has been felt across several industries, including healthcare. During the pandemic, medical professionals were put under increased strain, and some have hit rock bottom. 

According to a Morning Consult report, 18 percent of healthcare workers have quit their positions since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and 31 percent have considered quitting the medical field.

Problems In Rural Areas

Rural healthcare facilities have had trouble finding enough qualified staff members. People leave jobs in smaller towns due to a lack of career progression and lower pay. To compensate for fewer staff, understaffed hospitals and medical offices need their employees to work longer shifts and heavier workloads, which leads to burnout.

Longer Life Expectancy

Medical advancements are allowing people to live longer lives, but the health-care system is struggling to keep up with the number of caregivers required for each patient. For example, the “baby boomer” generation (born between 1946 and 1964) requires continuous care for chronic health issues.

Since a staff shortage can be a huge problem, a Chandler medical recruiting agency might be your best option to solve it on time and increase your facility’s productivity and efficiency. 

Internal Recruiting Cost

Many healthcare facilities are trapped in a never-ending cycle of recruiting, hiring, and training staff due to staffing shortages. However, there is a cost.

Internal recruiting costs can be high and can affect healthcare’s facility proficiency. That’s why we recommend hiring a Gilbert medical recruiting agency, as it can be the best solution for these types of shortages. 

Hard costs aren’t the only consideration. When higher-level employees are required to conduct interviews for specialized roles, the facility pays for their time away from their jobs. 

HR and IT departments devote time to the induction programme, which can divert attention away from their primary responsibilities. Training has a cost as well. It can take several weeks for a new employee to be ready to take on a position on their own.

When healthcare executives are overburdened with staffing their facilities, they have little time to supervise current employees to ensure they are offering excellent patient care. Because new employees are not always the right fit, staff must restart the recruitment cycle if it does not work out. All of the revenue and time lost cannot be recovered.

Financial Benefits Of Hiring A Staffing Company

Staff shortages and an increase in patients can cause burnouts and more difficulties for the facility. Consider hiring a healthcare staffing agency if your team is stuck in a never-ending cycle of recruitment.

It gives you many advantages compared to improvising. Instead of spending more money on short-term solutions, consider working with a Queen Creek medical recruiting agency to enjoy these benefits:

  • Hiring highly skilled physicians
  • Saving time in your healthcare facility
  • Less healthcare burnout
  • The right staff at any time, regardless of your facility’s location
  • Life-work balance for your employers
  • Saving costs for other priorities

Outsourced Healthcare Recruiting Offers Better Results

A trusted medical staffing company should have a network of qualified candidates, whether permanent full-time or part-time employees. Moreover, you won’t need to post ads or review hundreds of applications.

Staffing agencies usually search a database for the best match and send you the applicant’s complete work history and resume to see if they are a good fit.

When you use a professional recruiter, the recruiting process is faster and less tedious. You will have a better understanding of your new employee’s capabilities and will be able to get them started on real work right away.

Hire Mesa’s Leading Healthcare Staffing Company

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