Creating A Positive Culture In Your Laboratory

One of the keys to creating a positive culture in your laboratory begins with staff onboarding and bringing your staff together to form a collaborative, effective team with shared goals and excellent communication. High performing lab teams will share a commitment to the facility’s mission, communicate openly and effectively with each other, be mutually accountable, and come from a variety of experiences and medical backgrounds.

Although talent sourcing with your California medical staffing agency and onboarding procedures are extremely valuable, employee retention is also crucial and will be primarily driven by the culture within your medical lab. The strength of your laboratory will depend on the qualifications and successes of your employees and the overall tone of your lab environment.

Once you’ve completed interviewing all of your candidates, have extended job offers to the right personnel, and set a start date for your new employees, it’s time to begin the onboarding process at your organization. Most of the time, the first 30 days on the new job will make or break that employee’s experience with your facility, so a solid onboarding procedure is essential.

Creating A Positive Culture In Your Laboratory

Successful Onboarding In Your Healthcare Facility

Take a look at these tips for a successful onboarding process from Colorado healthcare staffing:

Introductions: Coordinate a meeting of all your new hires in a low-key, casual situation so they can start getting to know each other before they also take on the demands of learning a new job.

Mentorship: Assign all of your new employees to shadow an experienced lab technician who can guide them around on their first days or weeks in your facility. Experienced employees can act as a mentor and collaborator to help your new hires feel comfortable and welcome.

Manage onboarding: As much as possible, spread out the tedious parts of onboarding so that employees get frequent breaks and activity changes. Consider a tool such as DocuSign to manage time more efficiently.

Work one-on-one: Establish meetings where your new employees can get to know the core staff members with whom they will be working. This should include heads of other departments and teams for a comprehensive view of your entire organization.

Leadership: Highlight career development, leadership, and growth opportunities that your organization provides for employees.

Successful Employee Retention In Your Healthcare Facility

Some amount of employee turnover is expected, normal, and a sign of a healthy industry. However, retaining your top employees from Las Vegas healthcare staffing should always be a goal for both your overall facility and your laboratory specifically. In order to successfully retain your trained employees, you’ll first need to understand exactly why employees are leaving to look for work elsewhere.

Some of the most common reasons why lab technicians leave their job is because they are seeking higher salaries or better benefits, feel unappreciated or unhappy with their current role, or are looking for new opportunities to further their career that they cannot gain at their current job. An honest exit interview strategy with your former employees can help you understand what you need to develop in order to retain current employees.

Some ways that you can retain your lab technicians include:

Tracking: Learn how your best team members found their position at your company, and work with your Colorado healthcare staffing to recruit more quality team members through those channels.

Expectations: Set clear, long term goals and expectations for your new employees.

Opportunities: Provide opportunities for advancement in your company so your employees feel valued, appreciated, and important.

Benefits: Be sure that your facility’s pay and benefit packages are competitive with similar healthcare organizations.

Recognition: Take consistent efforts to recognize work accomplishments and skill development.

Environment: Ensure that your lab provides a welcoming, positive, and encouraging place for all staff members to work.

Take a step back: Avoid micromanaging by providing quality training and leaving your employees space to succeed.

Feedback: An open door policy, careful listening, and incorporating change as appropriate will help your employees feel more comfortable sharing honest feedback.

Teamwork: Team building should be a frequent activity rather than an off-site function.

Fostering a positive, a team-based atmosphere is an essential part of every successful laboratory. This will both attract new hires from your California healthcare staffing agency as well as help your facility retain your top talent. All of your employees should value the contributions of their coworkers and work to function together as a team.

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