How To Turn Temporary Employees Into Permanent Staff

Medical practices, hospitals, and clinics recognize the many advantages of turning locum tenens providers into permanent members of their care team. Not only do you save your facility the time, effort, and expense of training and incorporating new staff members into your teams, but you’ll see other benefits to your facility when you are able to retain talented healthcare professionals, such as expanding a subspecialty in your facility and attracting new patients. Plus, the other permanent members of your care team will appreciate being able to develop long term relationships and stability within their department as teams become skilled at working together.

With so many advantages to retaining providers, it’s crucial for healthcare facilities to find ways to encourage their locum tenens providers from California healthcare staffing to stay on as permanent employees. If you’ve been primarily relying on temporary clinical staff, your facility is probably feeling the many effects of staffing shortages – and so are your patients. Turning locum tenens providers into permanent employees can dramatically shift your facility’s ability to care for patients, provide top quality services, and create a more positive workplace environment.

For these reasons and more, it may be in your facility’s best interest to offer your locum tenens providers from your Colorado medical staffing agency a long-term, permanent position. So how do you go about encouraging your temporary staff to stay on for the long haul? There are a number of key solutions:

How To Convert Temporary Employees To Permanent Staff

Plan Ahead Even Before Hiring Locum Tenens Providers

In many cases, locum tenens healthcare professionals choose their career and lifestyle because they enjoy the flexibility, variety, and travel opportunities that come with temporary healthcare positions. Therefore, it’s beneficial to discuss the possibility of your position becoming open to a permanent placement when you start working with a Las Vegas nurse recruiting agency. This enables your agency to place healthcare providers who are interested and available in staying at your facility permanently. Offering a long-term position to a provider who is only seeking locum tenens positions means that they will likely not be a good fit for your facility, causing frustration and disappointment to everyone involved. Clear communication with your staffing agency early in the recruitment process is crucial to increasing and transitioning your locum tenens providers.

Take Time to Choose The Best Fit For Your Health Care Practice

Before offering a permanent position to your locum tenens providers, it’s essential to consider all of the options and make sure that this provider in a permanent position would be a great fit for your facility before you approach them with a long-term proposal. Ask yourself these questions:

  •   Is this provider excelling in their field and in their field?
  •   Has the provider built solid relationships and networked with other employees in our facility?
  •   Does the provider fit well into the culture of our facility?
  •   Is the provider willing to continue to learn and expand their skill set?
  •   Does this provider truly want to be a long-term part of our team?
  •   Do we need to interview other candidates to find someone who may be a better fit for our facility?
  •   Do other employees in this provider’s department like working with him/her?
  •   Is this provider making positive contributions to our facility and to their department?
  •   What are patients saying about this provider?

These types of questions can provide insight into whether this healthcare provider is likely to be a good permanent fit for your organization. Your Colorado medical staffing agency can help provide additional insight and guidance.

Offer a Permanent Position Sooner Rather Than Later

If your facility feels confident that this healthcare provider will be a good permanent fit, move forward with your offer sooner rather than later. Locum tenens employees can easily transition to another facility at any time and may already be considering positions elsewhere. Offering a permanent position early on in their tenure with your facility gives you the best chance of securing them as long-term employees.

Consider Locum Tenents’ Salary

Across all industries and professions, salary is a crucial consideration for employees. If you’ve hired a locum tenens provider at a higher salary than you can offer a permanent hire, you’ll probably face negative consequences and find that locum tenens employees are unwilling to stay with your facility permanently. Talk with your California medical recruiting agency for helpful recommendations and salary ranges.

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