Dealing With Staffing Shortages & Optimizing Your Staffing Levels

Senior and assisted living facilities continue to see significant staffing shortages. This is happening for a variety of reasons, including a loss of staff due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and an increase in patient volume as a large number of Americans reach age 65.

This results in complications for assisted living facility management teams, families of seniors, for other healthcare workers, and for residents themselves. So how can your assisted living facility respond to this shortage and optimize your staffing levels? Consult with your Chandler medical staffing agency to learn more.

Optimizing Staffing Levels in AZ

Optimizing Staffing Levels At Assisted Living Facilities

An overall shortage of healthcare workers has encouraged assisted living management to get creative with employee hiring and retention. Unfortunately, even higher starting salaries, benefits, and perks may not be enough by themselves to promote sufficient staffing levels at your facility. Ask your Gilbert medical recruiting agency for support with these creative strategies to optimize healthcare staffing at your assisted living facility:

Hire Support For Your Existing Staff Members

Consider hiring uncertified support people who can perform non-nursing tasks such as changing bedding, housekeeping, answering resident calls for simple tasks, decorating, holiday party planning, activity coordination, and more. Hiring care assistants to perform these non-medical tasks can significantly ease the burden on your nursing staff as they focus on clinical and medical responsibilities. Once your existing staff members feel less overwhelmed, patient care and employee satisfaction can increase across your facility.

Promote Opportunities For Career Development

It can be difficult for entry level workers to find their first healthcare jobs when there is a lack of training or interest from a facility. Consider offering certified nursing assistant training, home health aide courses, internships, and events for healthcare students who want to learn more about working for your facility. Other ways to promote career development are offering paid time off for nurses to obtain their necessary CEUs, hosting training events in house, and internal promotions.

Look For Local Students

Some assisted living facilities are partnering with local schools in their communities to hire students for part time and per positions. This provides opportunities for students to gain experience and learn more about working in healthcare as they prepare for career training and their future.

Find Displaced Hospitality Workers

Workers in the hospitality sector who have lost their jobs in the wake of Covid-19 can be an important part of your assisted living facility. Many of these workers are looking for employment and have the necessary skills to ease the burden on your nursing and medical staff, such as housekeeping, laundry, making beds, and similar tasks. Training these workers to assist at your facility can promote the well-being of your residents while freeing up healthcare workers for medical tasks.

Connect With Retirees

Younger retirees are looking for ways to earn income while connecting with others. Partner with local churches, volunteer organizations, and community outreach programs to find seniors who are looking for part time employment. Although these workers are looking for many of the same benefits as younger workers, they are also looking for flexible work schedules and programs that will benefit their own physical and mental wellness. Highlighting these benefits can be key to successful recruitment of this age group.

Although it can be challenging to find qualified healthcare workers, getting in touch with your Chandler RN staffing agency can help your facility find the right candidates to fill open positions. The residents and all of the medical staff at your facility will benefit from additional support team members and unique recruitment strategies as you seek to optimize the staffing levels at your assisted living facility.

Find Qualified Candidates For Your Assisted Living Facility

Finding the right healthcare workers for your assisted living facility doesn’t have to be complicated. When you work with One Stop Recruiting, you can be assured that you’ll have access to a large pool of qualified candidates who are ready to put their skills and experience to work. Our recruiters can help fill your open positions with locum tenens, permanent, and contract to hire professionals across all healthcare positions at your facility. Plus, we guarantee all new placements for 90 days and don’t require upfront payment. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can support your staffing levels.

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