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Top Nurse Hiring Solutions In San Diego

#1 Nurse Recruiting in San Diego

#1 Nurse Recruiting

One Stop Recruiting is a top-rated Nurse staffing agency serving the San Diego area, providing candidates from a large nationwide database.

Quick Nurse Staffing Solutions in San Diego

Quick Nurse Staffing

When you need quick solutions for your open Nursing positions, One Stop Recruiting can provide several ideal candidates for you to hire.

Best Nurse Placement Agency In SAN DIEGO

Best Nurse Placement Agency In SAN DIEGO

One Stop Recruiting is an industry-leading Nurse placement agency, able to provide solutions for your available medical positions.

Quick & Trusted Local San Diego Nurse Staffing Company

Quick & Trusted Local Nurse Staffing Company

The highly trained team at One Stop Recruiting has an excellent history of matching ideal candidates with available Nursing positions.

San Diego’s Trusted Nurse Hiring Service

Serving Clients From Large Institutions To Neighboring Medical Practices

One Stop Recruiting is a trusted, highly-rated staffing agency in San Diego that successfully matches ideal candidates to open Nursing positions in a variety of healthcare organizations. Whether you seek permanent, temporary, or contract employees to fill your needs, One Stop Recruiting can provide a list of pre-qualified, ideal candidates to join your healthcare team. With a 90-day guarantee on all our placements, you cannot go wrong with One Stop Recruiting.

Our Nurse Hiring Agency In SAN DIEGO

Our Nurse Hiring Agency In San Diego

At One Stop Recruiting, we know the needs of the medical industry are constantly fluctuating and changing. We are exceptionally skilled in searching through a nationwide pool of candidates searching for open Nursing positions, vetting them with a rigorous interview process, and matching them to open positions where they will best meet your needs. Call today for a no-obligation consultation to learn more.

Temp & Perm san diego Nurse Staffing

Temp & Perm San Diego Nurse Staffing

Whether you seek temporary or permanent placement, One Stop Recruiting has it all. With access to a nationwide database of qualified candidates, we have an excellent success rate in matching ideal potential employees with your available medical positions. If you seek contract, permanent, or Locum Tenens employees, our highly trained recruiting team are able to provide ideal candidates who could be the perfect fit for you.

Contact Our Local Nurse Recruiters

Contact Our Local Nurse Recruiters

One Stop Recruiting has a solid team of highly trained, qualified recruiters who specialize in providing temporary and permanent placement for Nurses in any type of healthcare organization. Our placements include Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Directors of Nursing, and so much more. When you need solutions for your available Nursing positions, consult with One Stop Recruiting to find the perfect fit for your healthcare team.

All Nurse Staffing Placements Are Guaranteed For 90 Days

Our goal at One Stop Recruiting is to earn your business and respect by providing excellent candidates to fill the needs of your healthcare team. Our 90-day guarantee for all our placements ensures that we will find the perfect medical professional to be an outstanding addition to your staff.

All Nurse Staffing Placements Are Guaranteed For 90 Days In San Diego
Why Do Employers In San Diego Prefer One Stop?

Why Do Employers In San Diego Prefer One Stop?


Brad, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) In Chicago, Illinois
BH, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) In Chicago, Illinois

One Stop Recruiting does an amazing job, My recruiter was very professional and sent over well qualified candidates. I will use One Stop…



Theresa K, Practice Manager in Fresno, California
TK, Practice Manager in Fresno, California

I appreciated working with One Stop Recruiting on our search for a family practice physician. I told the Recruiter what the ideal candidate…



Saam, Director of Physician Recruitment Houston, Texas
SB, Director of Physician Recruitment In Houston, Texas

One Stop Recruiting is my go to Firm to help with my staffing needs with my practices nationwide. They do such a great job at finding…



Permanent Positions

At One Stop Recruiting, we provide ideal solutions for Nurses, Physicians, Assistants, and other medical professionals seeking permanent placement anywhere in the United States. Continue reading below to view all of our open permanent positions nationwide.

• Alabama – Perm
• Los Angeles – Perm
• San Francisco – Perm
• San Diego – Perm
• Sacramento – Perm
• San Jose – Perm
• Fresno – Perm
• Oakland – Perm
• Long Beach – Perm
• Bakersfield – Perm
• Anaheim – Perm
• Riverside – Perm
• Irvine – Perm
• Indiana – Perm
• Palm Springs – Perm
• Santa Barbara – Perm
• Pasadena – Perm
• Stockton – Perm
• Santa Monica – Perm
• Monterey – Perm
• Modesto – Perm
• Beverly Hills – Perm
• San Bernadino – Perm
• Mississippi – Perm
• Santa Ana – Perm
• Santa Clara – Perm
• Nebraska – Perm
• Fremont – Perm
• Santa Rosa – Perm
• Oxnard – Perm
• Santa Cruz – Perm
• Pomona – Perm
• California City – Perm
• Burbank – Perm
• Malibu – Perm
• Calabasas – Perm
• Ventura – Perm
• Sunnyvale – Perm
• Compton – Perm
• South Carolina – Perm
• Laguna Beach – Perm
• Fontana – Perm
• Cupertino – Perm
• Mountain View – Perm
• Thousand Oaks – Perm