Ways To Provide Physician Coverage For Your Facility

Finding the right physician is the only way to ensure that your patient population will have the healthcare they deserve. To ensure that you have the best physicians working in your healthcare practice, you need to offer the best environment to guarantee quality care, including the proper award for their efforts. 

When it comes to ensuring physician coverage in your healthcare facility, you might think it is too much work to handle. However, you don’t need to worry because this blog post will help you.

An Arizona healthcare staffing agency will teach you how to ensure the physician coverage of your healthcare facility needs without losing your mind. Take notes of it so you don’t forget anything!

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Why Should You Fill Vacancies?

Physician coverage gaps can happen at your facility, but that doesn’t mean you cannot fill the vacancy. You should fill them in whenever possible. Without full physician coverage, the quality of care to your patients may suffer because physicians must rush on their shifts to see as many patients as possible. 

If your physicians don’t move quickly, they might notice that wait times increase and patients have pushed away without the right care. That happens because there isn’t enough time to see everyone. 

Your staff faces several challenging moral decisions when vacancies go unfilled. Taking time off for their health and well-being may be necessary, but they must balance those concerns with helping patients. Physicians who stretch their shifts while a colleague is absent must choose between the quantity and quality of their care.

Physicians are only human after all, and their job is already difficult. You should ensure that your staff has breathing room by filling gaps in physician coverage. 

To fill vacancies without much effort, contact a Chandler healthcare staffing agency. Staffing agencies are an excellent choice to find the right staff for your facility. 

Use The Staff You Already Have

Using current staff is one way to fill in any gaps in physician coverage. This is the simplest option in the short term. Your existing team already understands the infrastructure and patients, so the learning curve is relatively low. This option, however, has significant drawbacks. By doing this, you are not resolving any of the issues your physicians face; you are simply shifting the burden.

In a study conducted before COVID-19 gained traction in the United States, 42 percent of doctors reported feeling burned out. Burnout is associated with feelings of detachment, cynicism, exhaustion, and a lack of personal accomplishment.

After a year of fighting a pandemic, more doctors are suffering from burnout, making it even more important to look after your staff rather than adding to their workload.

Share Physician Coverage With Another Healthcare Center

Another option for filling physician coverage gaps is to share physicians with another facility. It has the same disadvantages as using existing staff but on a larger, more complex scale. 

You can ask for help by contacting other healthcare centers or calling a Gilbert healthcare staffing agency. If you’re lucky, you might even share the same staffing agency, making it easier for you to increase your physician coverage instead of sharing with the other healthcare facility.

If you decide to share the physicians, you must consider some things first. The pool of physicians from which you are drawing is larger, but not to the extent that you will not increase burnout among the staff of your facility and the one with which you are collaborating.

Also, remember it can be difficult for the doctors you hire from another facility to get accustomed to your rules and regulations. They must also become acquainted with their patients. They will have to learn everything they need to know as the partnership progresses, and it can be an additional stressor.

Don’t Forget Locum Tenens

Using a locum tenens provider is the best choice for you, your facility, and your doctors. Locum tenens providers collaborate with healthcare staffing agencies to supply substitute healthcare workers.

Using a locum tenens provider is the best choice for you, your facility, and your doctors. Locum tenens providers collaborate with healthcare staffing agencies to supply substitute healthcare workers to facilities in need.

In short, contacting a Scottsdale healthcare staffing agency can be an excellent choice to make the most of the schedule at your healthcare facility. Most staffing agencies have a list of locum tenens ready to recommend if there’s a chance.

Burnout is less of an issue for your employees and the locum tenens provider because you draw from a large network of workers. Substitute healthcare providers are also used to walking into new facilities and having contact with new patients, so it is less challenging for them than it would be for a physician from another facility.

Plan For Your Physician Coverage

The best you can do is to plan ahead of time. It can help you ensure a smooth transition from one physician to another, reducing stress for both your employees and your patients. Anything you can do to reduce stress and increase organization counts in an unpredictable environment.

Finding A Reliable Healthcare Staffing Agency

As we mentioned before, you can always contact a Mesa healthcare staffing agency to find the best options to fill gaps in your physician coverage. One Stop Recruiting can help you with that thanks to our high-quality service that offers numerous physicians and locum tenens ready for work. Contact us now for more.


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