Hiring The Best Potential Physician Assistant For Your Facility

With the continued growing shortage of medical doctors, physician assistants (PAs) are becoming increasingly valuable to hospitals and clinics alike. A qualified physician assistant offers many of the same services and treatment skills for patients as a medical doctor does and can provide vital assistance to your medical doctor team. When searching for the perfect people to join your healthcare facility, you’ll want to look for the right combination of skills, knowledge, and bedside manner that will produce the most benefits to your patients and fellow healthcare professionals.

What should you look for when interviewing candidates from your  California medical staffing agency? Consider these top 4 skills as you look at potential physician assistant hires for your facility.

Hiring The Best Potential Physician Assistant For Your Facility

1. Strong Medical Knowledge

Before receiving their licensure, all physician assistants must satisfactorily complete the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination (PANCE). Their performance on the PANCE will provide an indication of the responsibilities that they can handle in a clinical setting. When you interview candidates from your Colorado medical recruiting agency, you’ll want to work with candidates who scored well on the examination. The more responsibilities that your physician assistant can handle, the more care they can provide for patients in your facility.

Some basic medical knowledge that every physician assistant should demonstrate include:

  •       A broad understanding of medical indicators, including risk factors, pathology of various conditions, and general epidemiology
  •   Solid knowledge of diagnostic tests and ability to reach a different diagnosis, with a thorough understanding of evidence-based practices in their area of specialty
  •       Comprehensive skills of medical and surgical conditions in their area of specialty, including symptoms, treatment options, and any surgical procedures that might be needed
  •       Ability to recognize patterns and validity of reasons for accurate diagnosis of patients
  •       Ability to identify potential interventions that may be necessary

You’ll want to orient your interview questions toward discussion of these skills to make sure you are choosing the right candidate for your facility.

2. Effective Communication Skills

Like other medical professionals, physician assistants need to communicate with others frequently. This means that strong verbal, non-verbal, and written communication is imperative so that your physician assistant can coordinate and communicate smoothly with patients, their families, and other healthcare providers. Because many patients don’t understand their own health conditions or factors that may be contributing to their complications, clear communication skills are increasingly vital in all areas of medical practice. Your ideal physician assistant will need to be able to explain health conditions, treatment options, and potential actions in way that makes sense to patients and their families. Non-verbal skills are crucial in communicating care, respect, and empathy toward patients when a physician assistant is delivering a diagnosis or other medical information.

When it comes to communicating information to other healthcare professionals in your facility, your physician assistant will need to utilize the same skills in both speaking and writing. Accurate charting and interactions with office workers, social workers, physicians, nurses, lab staff, and other healthcare professionals will be more effective and mistakes can be avoided when your physician assistant has excellent communication skills.

3. Flexible Critical Thinking

A successful physician assistant must be able to make logical connections and exercise critical thinking skills. Because each patient is an individual with their own risk factors, goals, and background, a physician assistant will need to think critically in order to make diagnoses, determine treatment options, and guide their patients toward the best possible outcome.

Flexible and critical thinking skills are imperative for physician assistants because they will inevitably find themselves in unpredictable, fluid situations. During an emergency, a physician assistant must be able to assess the situation quickly and accurately, and then adapt their treatment to whatever is taking place. Flexible, critical thinking is crucial for all healthcare professionals who work with Las Vegas healthcare staffing.

4. Excellent Stress Management

It’s no secret that burnout is one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry.  physician assistants are not immune to the emotional stresses, pressure of emergencies, and long working hours that come with jobs in healthcare, and many physician assistants develop low morale over time. The ability to cope and manage stress in a health way is vital for physician assistant success in any medical facility and will enable your physician assistant to provide optimal care for all of their patients.

When interviewing physician assistant candidates from your Gilbert medical staffing agency, you’ll want your candidate to demonstrate that they can maintain a healthy work-life balance and are fluent in coping skills to prevent burnout.

Find The Right Physician Assistants For Your Healthcare Facility

Physician assistants provide a crucial role in caring for patients in clinic and hospital settings. Find experienced physician assistants for your facility when you work with One Stop Recruiting. With decades of experience in the industry and a proven track record of success, we are ready to help you find the right fit for your physician assistant roles. Take a look at what One Stop Recruiting can provide for your facility and start filling staffing gaps today! 


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