The Impact Of Travel RN In Healthcare

Are you thinking about hiring a travel RN for your assisted care facility? It’s an excellent option for your assisted care facility. However, you should consider a few things first.

Hiring traveling nurses, especially traveling RNs, is an excellent method to address your staffing issues and add an experienced team member as soon as you need them. But traveling nurses can offer other benefits, and that’s what an Arizona Medical Recruiting Agency will explain below. 

RN In Healthcare in AZ

What Exactly Are Travel RN?

According to, “travel nurses fill gaps in staffing demands for hospitals and facilities around the country for certain periods.” 

In short, travel nurses fill in for other nurses who are absent for many reasons, including maternity leave or disability. They also fill in staffing gaps as needed. In essence, travel nurses fill in gaps whenever needed, so they are extremely useful for many healthcare facilities across the country. 

How Can They Be Useful In Your Facility?

There are many advantages to hiring travel nurses, making it an appealing possible career for many aspiring nurses. Some of the key reasons why hospitals hire travel nurses are:

Traveling Nurses Help Cover Staffing Gaps

Burnout and high turnover rates have resulted in widespread nursing shortages. Your assisted living facility is probably not an exception. The best approach to deal with that shortfall is to hire traveling nurses, who fill the gap by temporarily working at your facility to fill those unfilled positions. 

Additionally, travel RNs can assist your facility by covering scheduled absences like family leave or unscheduled ones like sick leave.

Moreover, if you hire travel RNs with a trusted Chandler medical recruiting agency, you’ll probably find the best one to meet your facility’s needs.

The Benefit-Related Costs For Travel Nurses Are Lower

By hiring travel nurses, hospitals with restricted finances can avoid paying for health benefits. Of course, this isn’t a universal staffing solution, but it is one of the benefits of using these temporary workers. Travel nursing prices are often higher than staff nurse rates since costs such as travel and healthcare are included in their fees. However, they provide a generally affordable choice for hospitals.

Travel Nurses Help Fill Challenging Positions

Small-town hospitals usually have a lack of qualified local candidates a few times a year. Therefore, it’s harder for them to find specialty roles

Even larger hospitals may struggle to find a candidate with the necessary qualifications, especially if there’s an urgent need. But with travel RN, hospitals can choose from a wider pool of applicants, improving their chances of filling the position promptly.

It Makes Financial Sense

According to, the cost of replacing a Registered Nurse can range from $22,000 to $64,000 or more. Rather than hiring a new RN full-time, it is often more cost-effective to hire a traveling nurse through a reliable Chandler medical recruiting agency.

Travel nurses work as contractors, meaning that your hospital doesn’t have to pay benefit packages or other employee costs. Additionally, you won’t have to spend money on hiring expenses like job postings, interviews, and onboarding. 

You’ll probably spend less money over time than if you hired another full-time RN.

Better Patient Care

When your core team is overworked, it leads to burnout. And poorer patient care follows from that. Patient falls, missed medications, difficulties, and many other issues can be caused by a stressed-out and exhausted staff. 

Making sure every patient is covered is one of the biggest advantages of hiring traveling RNs for your facility. To ensure that every patient at your facility can have their needs met, RNs are the consummate professionals you require.

If you are considering expanding your assisted care center, hiring a travel RN may be a great way to manage the increased demand. Not only will this help you meet the needs of your patients, but it will also save you money in the long run.

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