Cost Advantages: Temporary Vs Permanent Healthcare Staff

Permanently hiring a locum tenens or temporary employee can provide many benefits for your health organization. Based on the medical provider’s current work at your facility and their recent work evaluations, you’ll have less risk as you determine whether they are a good fit for your facility. Your organization will also save time, expense, and resources because you won’t need to recruit, hire, and train someone else to fill that position.

If you’ve worked as a medical facility manager, you may have noticed a few locum tenens staff members who have the potential to become solid permanent employees at your facility. If you’ve noticed potential in a locum tenens staff member from your Chandler medical recruiting agency, it may be time to offer them a more permanent position on your team. Any permanent hire should have the following qualities:

Healthcare Staff

Excellent Work Performance

This may seem obvious, but evaluating whether an employee is doing their work well is the first thing to consider before offering them a long-term position at your healthcare facility. Find out whether the locum tenens staff member has consistently been meeting or exceeding the expectations set by their position. If the answer is yes, they may be a candidate for permanent employment.

There are other qualities to consider as well in a potential permanent hire:

  • Interpersonal skills with other staff members
  • Excellent bedside manner with patients and their families
  • Intuition
  • Decision-making skills
  • Active listening skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Attention to detail
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Positive and energetic with a good attitude
  • Organized

Although the right qualifications are important, they are not the only thing that matters. You’ll want to look for candidates from Queen Creek healthcare staffing who demonstrate these crucial characteristics and have a history of solid work performance.

Good Fit With Current Employees

Cultivating a great company culture is challenging for any organization, but can be especially difficult in healthcare. This can be due to high levels of turnover, provider burnout, high-stress levels, lack of staffing, and many other reasons, but all of these challenges mean that boosting employee morale is more important than it’s ever been. If you notice that a locum tenens provider from Mesa nurse practitioner staffing contributes a positive attitude with productivity, fits well with your existing team of employees, and has become a “go to” person for others at your facility, it might be time to consider offering them a permanent position.

An entire team or department can become more productive and better at their job when a key employee fits in well with other coworkers. This can be the advantage of permanently hiring a locum tenens provider: you already know in advance whether they are working well with existing employees and if they will be a good fit for your facility in the long term.

Potential For Growth

When hiring any new staff member, whether it’s locum tenens or a permanent hire, you want your employees to be able to recognize the opportunities they have for growth within your health organization. If your locum tenens provider from your Scottsdale nurse recruiting agency is enthusiastic and committed to personal development, you have probably found a great candidate to maintain. Look for healthcare professionals who are eager to develop their skills, take on additional responsibilities, assist their coworkers, and are an overall asset to their department even as temporary employees.

Your Facility Needs Another Permanent Employee

If your facility is feeling a medical staffing shortage like so many others, it might be time to consider adding another permanent healthcare provider to your team. Offering permanent positions with competitive pay and great benefits can encourage locum tenens providers to stick around for the long haul, which will benefit your facility by increasing the patient-to-provider ratio, reducing staff burnout, and boosting morale. Your facility will be able to offer a broader range of medical knowledge and skills while improving patient satisfaction.

Locum tenens employees can allow your facility to “try before you buy,” even if you didn’t intend to turn the position into a permanent one when you took on the staff member. If you notice a locum tenens provider who demonstrates these qualities and adds value to your team, offering them a permanent position can make great business sense and improve an entire department.

How Do I Permanent Hire a Locum Tenens Provider?

If you want to offer a permanent position to a locum tenens provider, act quickly! Nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals are in high demand across the country and can easily find different employment opportunities at any time. It can be beneficial to explore a candidate’s interest in permanent employment early on in your relationship so you know if they are likely to be interested. Once you’ve decided to offer permanent employment to a locum tenens provider, make a formal offer the right way with careful consideration for pay and benefits.

Find Locum Tenens & Permanent Staff For Your Healthcare Facility

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