The Best Way To Deal With an Unplanned Open Position

If you’re a leader of a medical staff team, you know firsthand how an unexpected vacancy can take a serious toll on all facets of your facility, including overall productivity, day-to-day operations, patient satisfaction, the facility’s bottom line, and workload for other healthcare professionals. Vacancies in your medical facility result in many costs and detrimental effects, even leading to a negative workplace environment and negatives in other unexpected areas of your healthcare facility. Your Mesa medical staffing agency understands the hidden costs of open positions at healthcare facilities and is prepared with solutions, such as a locum tenens staffing, to help alleviate these problems. But what are some of these hidden costs for your facility if these positions remain unfilled?

Reducing costs of an open position in Arizona

Increased Risk of Staffing Turnover

When positions at your healthcare facility remain unfilled for long periods of time, other employees who are forced to step in to fill the gap will more quickly burn out and will experience higher levels of stress, promoting a higher level of staff dissatisfaction and turnover. Team members who pick up slack for an open position will become overstressed, overworked, frustrated, and potentially even resentful of the extra responsibilities they are required to take on that may be outside of a healthy workload or their job description. When you work with a Chandler RN staffing agency and bring on a locum tenens healthcare provider to fill an open position, your facility will be able to promote a healthier work-life balance for your other employees, reduce the risk of staff turnover, and increase employee satisfaction with their work responsibilities. A smoother workload will benefit everyone in your healthcare facility.

Significant Financial Loss

The loss of even one healthcare provider in a medical department can cause significant financial loss for your facility, which ranges from increased recruitment costs to a lack of productivity in the affected medical department. Your facility will be forced to care for fewer patients, reducing your facility’s overall income, as well as decreasing your facility’s reputation when you cannot provide the same level of care or competency as competing facilities in your area. Short-staffed medical practices will always see a loss of revenue. Working with a Henderson nurse practitioner staffing agency is an effective measure that will improve employee retention and promote the recruitment of locum tenens providers who can fill gaps in coverage. You’ll find that healthcare staffing can prevent major financial loss for your facility by filling vacancies and promoting sufficient staff levels.

Reducing Open Positions at Your Medical Center

Healthcare professionals and administration know that open positions in your healthcare facility have a variety of expensive effects. One of the most successful and effective ways to avoid open positions is by working with an experienced Gilbert physician staffing agency who can help your facility by incorporating new staff members, handling the work of recruitment, and providing guaranteed placements so that your facility can continue to provide a high level of care. Locum tenens providers and nurses are a powerful way to alleviate negative effects of open medical positions so your facility can continue to operate at full capacity and with broad talent. Your facility and staff will enjoy other benefits, too.

Improve Professional Development with Locum Tenens Staff

When you work with Scottsdale physician staffing to add locum tenens staff to your facility, your staff will benefit from being able to work with new mentors who can teach new techniques, new approaches, and different ways to practice medicine. As a powerful new way to grow your facility and staff members’ areas of expertise, your facility will find many benefits from incorporating healthcare recruiting and locum tenens staff. New perspectives in your facility can promote collaboration, growth, and exciting new developments in your facility.

Find Solutions With Effective Healthcare Staffing Recruitment

If your facility is struggling with open positions and vacancies, contact the professionals at One Stop Recruiting. As a combat wounded veteran owned small business, we hold decades of experience in the healthcare recruitment field with a reputation of successful placements across all areas of healthcare staffing, including nurses, physicians, nurse practitioners, case management, and much more. Our extensive interview process carefully selects candidates for their experience, knowledge, and compassionate bedside manner, making each of our healthcare professionals a true asset to your facility. Let us come alongside your healthcare facility and work with you to provide the highest quality medical professionals.


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