Physician Assistants and 5 Ways they Can Improve the Workplace

A physician assistant can work alongside a physician or can work alone within a group setting. They cannot operate independently as a physician can, but they can operate independently under the supervision of a physician. They have extensive medical training and are committed to providing quality care for patients in a variety of settings.

If you don’t already have a physician assistant working in your practice, you should consider hiring one. Here are five ways that physician assistants can improve the workplace:

Physician Assitant With Stethoscope

1. Ease the Physician’s Workload

Physician assistants can do much of the routine work that a physician can do, which can free up the physician’s schedule to focus on other areas of the practice. If the physician is stretched to the limits, hiring a PA in AZ can simply reduce the physician’s stress and restore morale.

A PA can handle routine office visits such as well checks, can perform rounds, and can be on call. A PA can also meet with walk-in or urgent care cases first, can handle routine follow-up visits, and can handle the maintenance treatment of hypertension and diabetes. Your office can use Pas for first-line care and routine treatment while your physicians focus on more complex cases.

2. Offer Physicians More Flexibility

Because physician assistants reduce the demand on physicians, they make it possibility for physicians to have more flexibility in their schedules.

Physicians may be able to work an average of way day less per week. At the same time, they may be able to focus more of their time on their priorities, such as office visits and patient care. The reduced demand on their time means that physicians have the flexibility to organize their schedule more the way they want it.

3. Make the Practice More Efficient

When you have a PA easing the load of the physician and allowing greater flexibility in scheduling, it’s no wonder that the practice will become more efficient. When multiple physician assistants are employed, the benefits are compounded. You have multiple people helping you to do the work of the practice, allowing you to serve more patients, to increase your response time, and to ensure that no details are being overlooked.

4. Save Money and Increase Profits

Physician assistants make it possible for you to see more patients, which can significantly increase your practice’s revenue. At the same time, you will pay a PA a significantly lower salary than what you would pay another physician. You can save money and maximize profits at the same time, compounding your surplus. You can use the extra money to increase salaries, to pad your nest egg, or to grow your practice even more.

5. Increase Patient Satisfaction

Physician assistants will help you serve patients more quickly, which will not only help you to serve more patients, but will also make your patients happier. They will not have to endure long waiting times in the lobby or in the patient rooms. They’ll see a provider quickly, and they’ll get a response to calls and emails more quickly. That will make them happier, which means they will be more likely to return and to refer other patients, both of which will help your bottom line.

Hiring an Arizona physician assistant (or two or three) can help your practice thrive and grow. If you don’t already have a PA on staff, now is the time to consider hiring one. If you do have a PA on staff already, consider hiring another one or two to help you compound the benefits you are already enjoying. Your practice will only improve with the help.

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