Reasons To Choose a Private Practice Over a Hospital Practice

Until fairly recently in history, the majority of physicians were self-employed, treating patients directly while running their own small business. But in the last several decades, most physicians have become employed by a hospital, clinic, healthcare group, or other facility. However, private medical practice is trending again, and healthcare providers are discovering the many benefits to running their own practice or joining a small group of like-minded professionals. Is private medical practice a good choice for you? Consider some of these reasons from your California medical recruiting agency that might help you find out.

Reasons To Choose a Private Practice Over a Hospital Practice

Professional Flexibility

Owning your own practice gives you versatility and flexibility. Self-run private practices can be found in rural, remote areas as well as large metropolitan areas across all fields of practice. Entering private practice or taking over from a retiring physician is especially achievable for professionals who have financial stability, extensive clinical experience, and are looking for a unique way to practice with the freedom to run their business how they want, but can still be a viable option for newly graduated students as well.

One of the most appealing aspects of running your own private practice is that you will be able to make medical and business decisions yourself. Many physicians who work for large corporations are frustrated with the bureaucracy of hospitals boards and working with business professionals who don’t understand medicine. In private practice, you – or a small group of like-minded professionals – get to call the shots and determine the day-to-day management of your own practice while enjoying flexibility in your schedule.

Be Your Own Boss

Although not everyone has the entrepreneurial spirit it takes to successfully run their own medical business, starting or joining a private practice doesn’t mean you have to have an MBA either. Being your own boss while enjoying the benefits of Colorado healthcare staffing is one of the top perks of running your own private practice.

As the owner and operator of a private practice, you’ll need to dedicate time to being aware of trends in healthcare both locally and nationally. You’ll also need to navigate relationships with other professionals such as other local practices, medical insurers, suppliers, and local hospitals.

Within your physician owned practice, you’ll be able to prescribe the care you feel is best for your community without the red tape, bureaucracy, and administrative intervention that is common in hospitals and other large practices. Motivated healthcare professionals can include additional services and incorporate their own passions, such as niche services, complimentary and alternative care, community health, and other related areas.

Some professionals are concerned that private practice will demand a lot of their time with business and administrative responsibilities. Sometimes this does happen, especially if you are working solo or trying to build up a single specialty practice on your own. You’ll need to be prepared for the start up costs that it takes to build a successful business – in time, effort, and money. Most private practices will benefit from hiring administrative staff and legal and financial advisors, as well as nurses, case managers, and other professionals through a Las Vegas medical staffing agency.

The key to a successful private practice is to build your entrepreneurial skills, working with passion and resilience, and building a work culture that aligns with your values.

Put Your Creativity To Work

Medicine and business are an art just as much as they are a science. Like any other business, your private medical practice will require commitment, passion, and discovery. But the beauty of private practice is that your business model can be separated from your patient care so you can provide the best care for your clientele. A carefully and intentionally designed business model can improve access to medical care in your community while also enabling you to be well compensated for your expertise.

In private practice, you’ll have the opportunity to provide top notch healthcare services while embracing the artistic sides of business and putting your creativity to good use. Whether this is through marketing, advertising, finding your niche, developing additional professional skills, partnering with other local organizations, community outreach, interior design, or social media know-how, private practice enables you to pair your medical skills with your other talents to develop a unique and rewarding career.

What Type Of Practice Is Best For Me?

Deciding whether to join a large, established medical practice or start your own private practices takes research and careful consideration. It’s important to have a solid understanding of your career goals, professional skills, personality, and the needs of your community before you decide which model is best for you. Be honest with yourself about what private practice opportunities are available and how much entrepreneurial interest you have.

With resources such as California healthcare staffing and plenty of educational options to build knowledge of business plans, payment models, regulatory systems, and other elements of building your own business, many doctors who choose private practice will be well on their way to success.

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