Finding and Keeping Qualified Nurses during an Employment Shortage

There is a global nursing shortage right now, thanks to a number of issues, including the aging Baby Boomer population, a lack of mentors and a workforce pipeline, and low job satisfaction. As a healthcare institution, you need to find ways to be competitive. You can’t create more nurses, but you can increase your chances of hiring the best nurses that are currently available.

Here are a few things you can do to attract and retain nurses during the shortage:

Nurse Attending to an Old Woman

Focus on Talent

Because there is such a shortage of nurses right now, many employers are happy to find any candidates that have the proper experience and training. But experience and education don’t mean that a nurse is the right fit for your organization or that the nurse will help you move forward.

Instead of focusing on just education and experience when you hire, you need to also consider talent. You need to find candidates who have qualities like discipline, the ability to solve problems quickly, the ability to work in a team, responsibility, and leadership. Great nurses also need empathy and should be motivated to do the best job. Looking for these traits can help you find candidates who will improve your entire organization and help you build a successful team.

Increase Financial Incentives

Right now, nurses can get hired just about anywhere. They know they are in demand, and they can be choosy. If you want to attract the best candidates, you need to offer more attractive incentives. One of the most important things that candidates look for in a job is the compensation, so that’s a good place to start.

Consider increasing the salaries you offer, the performance bonuses, and more. Offer a hiring bonus to sweeten the deal and attract even more candidates. And don’t overlook benefits! Better health insurance, increased vacation days, and other perks will all make your establishment a more attractive place to work.

Increase Contract Lengths

Offering a shorter contract is a popular option. Many businesses do this to give themselves an out in case they make a bad hire. But shorter contracts also mean less job security for your nurses and an increased risk of you losing valuable employees.

Consider lengthening the time for your contracts. You’ll show your nurses that you are confident in them and are committed to them, which will increase their job satisfaction. You’ll also be more likely to keep your nurses on staff.

Recruit More Widely

You don’t need to limit your nursing search to the United States. There are many qualified and talented nurses all around the world. Though you may have to pay a little more money to hire them since you’ll need to sponsor their work visas, you will still come out ahead since you’ll hire the best nurses. With the best nurses on your team, you will elevate the profile of your institution, which will attract more patients and improve your profits. Think of the big picture and expand your hiring net.

Offer Financial Aid

Your pool of potential nurses is much larger than those who are already trained and licensed. If you want to get the best nurses, you need to also encourage those who are interested in the profession but who have not yet committed. You can do that by offering financial aid to nursing students.

When you give financial aid, you are also starting a relationship with students who will become tomorrow’s nurses. Many of these may come to you for a job when they graduate, giving you the first crack and what could be the best nurses.

The more you can do to make your organization more attractive to nurses, the more success you will have in recruiting the best candidates. Consider some of these options to improve your recruiting efforts, and think outside the box to come up with others. The nursing shortage shows no signs of ending, so you will need to change your strategy if you expect to be effective.

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