Career Development: The Key Factor For Recruiting & Retaining Your Healthcare Staff

In the last few years, almost every industry has been impacted by staffing shortages and resignations. Healthcare facilities were hit especially hard. Since most facilities were already facing staffing shortages, healthcare professionals at almost every level are leaving their jobs to find better opportunities with more flexible hours, higher pay, better benefits, or other incentives.

This means that more than ever, clinics and hospitals must remain competitive in order to appeal to new candidates and prevent employee turnover. One of the keys to your facility’s success may be career development opportunities for your employees. California healthcare staffing has seen intentional effort toward career development be one of the most powerful tools that organizations have at their disposal to promote employee satisfaction and retention. Here are some of our top tips for leveraging career development as a key element of recruiting new hires and retaining your top talent.

Career Development: The Key Factor For Recruiting & Retaining Your Healthcare Staff

Begin With Your Job Listings

Job listings are usually the first way a potential new employee will come into contact with your healthcare organization, and first impressions matter. Use your job listing as a way to showcase your organization and the opportunities you provide to help your employees develop their career. Many job listings bury career development opportunities deep in their descriptions, which can minimize the listing’s appeal to applicants who are seeking career advancement Instead, make your job listing stand out by using a section of your post to mention opportunities that are available to your facility’s employees. This might include a tuition reimbursement program, job shadowing and mentoring opportunities, complimentary CEUs, and learning stipends. The ability to develop skills, knowledge, and a career path will attract long-term, high-value candidates to your healthcare facility. Make that information easily visible in your job listing will encourage those types of applicants to apply to your facility through your Colorado medical staffing agency.

Interview Your Current Employees

Showcase advanced career paths within your healthcare facility by interviewing employees who have taken advantage of your organization’s career development programs. During your interview, ask about what specific opportunities and responsibilities they had in their role at your facility, how they have grown in skills, knowledge, and overall ability through their job at your facility, and what advice they might have to offer new employees. Give your employees the opportunity to describe what they love about working for your organization and what a typical shift might look like. You can put this interview on your website through a video link and promote it on your facility’s social media channels to encourage potential applicants to apply to your facility. Inspiration from current employees will make your facility stand out for potential new hires who are looking for career development opportunities.

Discuss Career Advancement In Your Interviews

As an excellent time to get to know your potential new hire from your Las Vegas nurse recruiting agency, job interviews also provide your facility with the perfect opportunity to provide your interviewees with information on how your facility can help them advance their own careers in healthcare. Ask your candidates where they see themselves in five years and how they might get there, and then discuss what opportunities your facility has available that can help them on that path. Equip your hiring managers and recruiters to take advantage of the time in a job interview to discuss exactly how your healthcare organization is ready to help your employees advance their careers and meet their goals.

Remember that career development will mean different things to different people, so make sure to take the time to ask your potential new hires how they define career advancement. Take time to listen to their goals and aspirations for their future. For example, many nurses are not interested in promotions to management positions; they may be more interested in advancing their hands-on skills with patients and would prefer to develop a new specialty, teach nursing skills to others, or float to other departments in your facility.

Keep Your Healthcare Facility Competitive & Attractive To New Candidates

One of the most appealing benefits your healthcare organization can provide for potential new employees is learning opportunities and career development pathways. There are endless ways to do this, but some of the most common and effective ways include mentorship and job shadowing programs, leadership training, teaching opportunities, tuition reimbursement for further education in a relevant healthcare field, and a variety of advanced CEU options. Gain a competitive advantage in the healthcare job market by working with a reputable California medical staffing agency and highlighting how your facility can provide growth and development opportunities for your employees. This is one of the most effective ways to attract top talent to your facility who will stay for the long haul.

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