Personal & Interpersonal Skills That Will Make You The Best Candidate

You need more than an incredible degree program or hands-on training to get a successful career in health care. Employers usually look at more on your resume than clinical skills. In many cases, they also review ‘soft skills’ or ‘personality skills.

Soft skills are the personal attributes you use to enhance the way you work and relate to colleagues, patients, and peers. These skills impact career prospects as well as other situations in life. That’s why many employers consider them in addition to other qualifications.

If you want to learn more about soft skills that can get you hired in health care, keep reading the information an Arizona physician staffing agency shares below.

Getting hired in the healthcare industry in Arizona

Interpersonal Skills That Can Help

Your Level Of Empathy

In the healthcare industry, you must empathize with patients and the difficult situations they are facing. The British Journal of General Practice recently announced that empathy is a core aspect of therapeutic consultations. In other words, empathy is crucial to simplifying the experience in patients.

Many employers want you to have a decent level of empathy among others so that you can work efficiently.


Health care workers do not work on their own, so they need a team player attitude. Think of it as a team sport, but with people working toward patient care.

You must know how to work with your peers and colleagues to get the best interest of the patient. Otherwise, the results may not be as expected (sad or disappointed patients are not usually what healthcare workers want).

According to a study by the American College of Surgeons, higher team functioning leads to better patient outcomes.

Your Communication Skills

Communication is key in the healthcare industry. Health care workers often have to speak with patients and their families. Additionally, they have to speak with coworkers efficiently. This is indeed one of the most important skills for any Mesa RN staffing agency.

Some studies have shown that there are strong relationships between a health care worker’s communication skills and a patient’s capacity to follow medical recommendations. In other words, the better you communicate your ideas, the better the patient will understand the recommendations.

Personal Skills That Can Help

Stress Management

The healthcare industry is extremely stressful because lives could be at stake. Many studies have shown that healthcare workers are at higher risk of burnout if they do not have the right stress-management methods.

Burnout is the term for long-term exhaustion at work. In the healthcare industry, you must know how to handle pressure to avoid burnout. This skill is crucial for your resume.

Work Ethic

Work ethic is based on hard work and how you deal with it. Many components influence your work ethic, including punctuality, behavior, and professionalism.

Healthcare fields usually need working hours beyond the usual 9-to-5 job, hence the importance of having a strong work ethic. This is a demanding field, but it shouldn’t let you forget about your values.

Receptive Attitude

No matter how excellent your training was, you must handle criticism because you don’t know everything. Any Gilbert nurse staffing agency will recommend you to have a receptive attitude before entering the healthcare industry.

It’s completely normal to have gaps in your knowledge, even if you are at the top of your game. You must have the ability to accept and learn from criticism, especially when it comes from patients.


Health care roles are patient-facing, so you have to project confidence in your work. Confidence is one of the most influential aspects to affect performance. Many employers consider it an important soft skill when evaluating potential health care workers.

Time Management

Time management is necessary for almost any career, but in the healthcare industry, it’s a must. Time can make a difference in any patient, so you must know how to prioritize pressing matters.


Since many careers in healthcare don’t follow the typical 9-to-5 life, flexibility is crucial when working on a team. You may need to pick up a shift, stay longer than expected in the clinic, etc.

You have to know how to deal with changing environments. If you don’t know how to deal with different environments almost daily, you may struggle in your career.

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