4 Foolproof Ways to Make Yourself Stand Out to Medical Recruiters

The job search can be long and grueling – especially in the healthcare industry. It’s not that there aren’t jobs available, but it does take a while to attract the attention of recruiters who have jobs that are a good fit for you. It’s even more difficult to find an “in” when you’re looking at the best jobs at top facilities.

You don’t necessarily have to work harder to get the job you want, but you do have to work smarter. Here are four foolproof ways that you can make yourself stand out to medical recruiters:


1. Pay Attention to the Details

Medical recruiters have seen thousands of resumes and talked to hundreds of candidates. If you want to stand out, you’re going to need to do something different than them.

Surprisingly, it won’t take much to do so.

To start, you should write a personalized cover letter for the position, highlighting the ways in which your resume showcases your fit with the job. You need to show that you have thought about how you can help the company, as well as how the job fits in with your career goals. You should do the same thing during your interview. Provide thoughtful answers that show that you have researched the company and have connected how you and the job can benefit one another.

Always send a hand-written thank you note after the interview. Only about a quarter of candidates send a thank you note, so taking this extra effort will make you stand out to recruiters.

2. Show a Bit of Your Personality

You shouldn’t get too personal in your communications or your interview, but you should let a little of your personality shine through so that you are more than just a list of skills and experiences. You can create an “interests” section on your resume that shares some of the things you do when you aren’t working, such as building furniture, running races, or making sculptures out of scrap metal. Not only will these things show that you are well-rounded, but they will also give you something interesting to talk about during your interview.

Just be careful not to share anything that could land you in hot water, such as political affiliations. Share the things that can help you remain neutral.

3. Network

Knowing someone at a hospital or medical facility can give you a priceless in for getting a job, or at least getting an interview. Any time you talk to someone in the industry, you have a potential connection. Use those interactions to develop your relationship a bit more.

For example, when you are talking to a doctor about a patient and he asks you what your plans are after your residency, have an answer ready. Tell him you’re looking for a certain position in a certain area. When you talk to a nurse about a prescription refill, engage in a little banter. The next time you call, he might remember you and want to take the conversation further. Even small conversations like these can create an opportunity for you to reach out and ask about job opportunities later. These people can also reach out to recruiters or hiring managers on your behalf.

4. Be Proactive

Sure, you can go online and send out resumes and cover letters all day long. But if you really want to make inroads, you’ll be more proactive. Pick up a phone and call people.

Call managers, call recruiters, call assistants. People can easily ignore an email, but they will have to engage if they answer a call. Even if they aren’t willing to talk, it’s possible for you to get a few scraps of useful information out of them before they disconnect. And sometimes, you might reach someone who’s willing to talk a lot and give you information that will help you immensely.

You don’t have to do much to stand out in your job search, but making these small efforts can make a big impact. Just getting noticed can help you have a conversation with a recruiter, and that conversation can lead to a job that you’ll love. Be bold and take smart steps in your job search, and you’ll soon be working in the next job of your dreams.

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